[1.10 Vanilla Minecraft] Custom AIRPLANES – One command

Civil and military aircraft! Create your own custom work plane with this machine!
Warning: This could be the slowest machine you have ever made!



The command and the structures folder are all in a single .zip file:

Download the map:


ShadersPack used: Sildur's improved predefined


All the songs in this video are made by myself and you can find them on my channel.

[FL Studio] Electronic Piano

[FL Studio] Strings and piano 3

[FL Studio] Strings and piano


I hope you enjoy, like and subscribe!

Video credits to Gshn28 YouTube channel

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    [1.10 Vanilla Minecraft] Custom AIRPLANES – One command

    Comments 44

    1. Can you create Custom Helicopter with One command Blocks

    2. hey Gshn28 its me again and I am trying (with a command converter (it does not always work) to use this command in 1.12

    3. Can you not just give us the command instead of getting us to go to a risky website and possibly download a virus onto our pc?

    4. I love this! When you start, the gears will automatically retract and automatically extend, when you land 🙂

    5. WoW this is soo cool! This is my personal favourite……would be cool if you update it to 1.11 though :I but this is fine too….we all know that its hard and just take your time! Continue the great work m8!

    6. You really should keep making commands like those. I challenge you to make another command with no structure (someone did it.)

    7. tried to build new plane design the design saves but wont render when you hit the button, assist?

    8. when i copy and paste the text and put a red stone block nothing happens. please help

    9. it would be awesome if you could make this survival friendly, you could make it so you need to drop something to make it scan that area for a plane

    10. OMFG you are so amazing i thought IJAMINECRAFT was the badass one but you just took that spot. When i watch i was like OMG, the shooting and bombing Me: OMFG !!!!! that so cool if only i can build the plane my self like i would your cars and then when i saw it i died on the spot and was brought back to life. Thank you soo much for this.

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