10 things that will make you love the Far Cry series

10 things that will make you love the Far Cry series. We have been making videos directed to franchises of games for several months. This is the first time that we are adopting a great Western franchise, which is FAR CRY. This series of first person shootings is among the most popular in the video game industry. You probably already have an opinion on this series, so let's see if you agree with us. Here are 10 things that will make you love Far Cry.


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    10 things that will make you love the Far Cry series

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    1. I have never played a far cry game, i'm more of a BioWare person but i am considering buying 5, though this list really hasn't sold me on the game yet.

    2. Far cry 1-2 and primal were lame. Far cry 3 was okay. Far cry 4 was amazing. If people were looking to get into far cry just play the 4th one and forget about the rest tbh.

    3. My first was farcry4. It blew my mind. I've always wanted sort of a cross between a first person shooter and an assassin's creed and FC4 did not dissapoint. Its graphics immediately made me fall in love with the game. Ive played it through 3 times and it has never ceased to amaze me.

    4. I started with farcry 1 and always wanted to play farcry 3 but my pc wasn't powerful enough at the time so then i jumped to farcry 4

    5. I like this game it's good it is but I wouldn't spend the money for me I'm not saying it's a bad game it's just something in me is like saying I really don't want to

    6. Three on the 360 came out Wonder 360 came out I was a teenager I had a PlayStation 3 not a fan only like 2 PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2

    7. I've been playing games since Sagan Super Nintendo yes I was a kid but I can't forget about the Xbox 360 or Playstation and Playstation to an Xbox all of these systems are never felt like that

    8. I never felt like that with any other game either I like it game where I hate it but this is different I like it but I don't want to pay the money for it

    9. yeah far cry's really good the thing is I like it but I don't want to buy it somebody gets it for me I would definitely play it I don't know that's just how I feel

    10. Didn’t like the third one but I beat 4 and loved blood dragon we need a second one of those the sci fi just feels right and if they make it in the same area as this one more sci fi spin offs and I got the gold edtion so I am ready hopefully 6 adds some sci fi of it’s own

    11. One of my reasons for loving Far Cry is that you're free to play however you want. Want to run in guns blazing? Go for it. Want to be a ninja and silently pick off your enemies one by one? Go ahead. Want to be creative and use animals and other aspects of the environment to complete your objective? You can do that. That level of flexibility is easily one of the series main selling points for me.

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