13 Small Business Ideas with Small Capital | Business Ideas Opportunities

Business Ideas Opportunities

Small Business Ideas in India with small capital. Start a Business You Want to Start Low Cost Business Ideas in India. Here are 13 small, inexpensive business opportunities. Small business ideas in the USA as well. Low cost start up business plan will help you start a business.

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    13 Small Business Ideas with Small Capital | Business Ideas Opportunities

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    1. I have a shop but it is not at very good place .. what kind of business can i run tere ??? 😮

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    10. haha whoever made this video is not very good at English. entertaining. oooh many student want to go outside.. haha

    11. hi my name is rajat and we have a business of clothes like ladies suits sarees and lehangas , i want to expirt my products 9797396198

    12. I am in the Dallas TX area and mobile food shops are becoming really popular and actually offer great food. Good list.

    13. I didn't see food truck, but I assume that the mobile food shop is similar.
      A cleaning business is also a low cost business that one could implement quickly.

    14. Good ideas. Grocery stores cost upwards of a $100,000 in some parts of the world so I'm not so sure it can be classified as a low-cost business.

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    18. For small investment to start a high profitable and long life business I suggest in your city to install Difresh Toothbrush kit dispensing machines. You can start with less than 1.000 dollars and increase the business with no limits.

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