130+ Good Car Names – Car Name Ideas that are Aggressive, Classic, Cute, Fast, Funny & Sexy

So you want a good name for your sweet car? Maybe you're looking for a name you can trace on the front windshield, or just want a good name to call it. Whatever your reason, we have some great ideas for you. We have ideas for almost any type of car, including funny names for a pileup that you would only like to add personality to. I mean, what woman could miss an 88 Honda Accord called "The Baby Maker?" Let's be honest here, with a name like that, you'll have women banging your window as if you were an Uber driver in front of the bar at 3 AM.

For more than 300 ideas of car names, see the article that we present here:

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    130+ Good Car Names – Car Name Ideas that are Aggressive, Classic, Cute, Fast, Funny & Sexy

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    1. I named my 1969 BMW Goggomobil T250 Sedan (all red) « Tutti Frutti » !
      For me the perfect car name has to be cute, has to fit the car or one of its details and it has to be in a song like « Tutty Frutti » from Little Richard.
      I named my very first ‘moped’ a 1971 Solex S3800 (all black) « Black Betty » since it was all black but was the complete opposite of a heavy and noisy Harley Davidson haha… (« Black Betty » by the Ram Jam).
      My second moped, a 1954 Motobécane Mobylette AV54 Luxe was named « Angeline » since it was all beige, it was cute and Angeline was a popular name in France in the 1950’s, also it made me thought of « Angie » by The Rolling Stones…
      And now I am looking for a name for my 1963 Peugeot BB1 (a moped all curvy and blue), the previous owner called it « Free Spirit » and it wore a feather on its side but I’m not into « hippie bikes » haha… Any ideas for a name that would fit my vintage moped and that could be related to a song ?

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