3 Rules to Avoid Violating Fair Use on YouTube

Even if the copyrighted material you use in your YouTube videos falls into legitimate use, you can still get into many copyright problems and difficulties. The only entity that can determine if your use of copyrighted material falls under "Fair Use" or is not a court of law. YouTube does not make any judgment calls about fair use. They only give copyright holders the ability to find their material on YouTube through Content ID and determine what they want to do with the video that uses their material. Here are some rules that will help you avoid the violation of legitimate use and copyright issues on YouTube.

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    3 Rules to Avoid Violating Fair Use on YouTube

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    1. I need help I've got copyright claims in the past and I wanna make memes but I'm on mobile and I'm not sure how to not get copyright claim is giving a link to the original owner enough because I make my own and take a bit from different videos like putting to memes together and just edit it and I made a world cup compilation I got copy using Fifa tv and other youtubers like wrzzer used it from Fifa tv too and he did not get copyright claim but I got it from Fifa.

    2. If i have a website selling stuff and a very small section of the site is a videos page where I want to link to entertaining and relevant YouTube videos to the product, and I put a bunch of monetised videos on there, will the YouTuber get paid from the views I generate for them as a side effect? I think that would be cool if they benefit from my blatant use of their video for my benefit.

    3. Hey Tim, I've got an odd situation that I cant find anything about. I made a video about a Flat Earther which falls under fair use. He then downloaded my video and reuploaded on his channel without alteration. So I had YouTube take it down. He's now counter striking me with Youtube saying that they "await evidence (in no more than 10 business days) that you've filed an action seeking a court order against the counter notifier to restrain the allegedly infringing activity". This is ridiculous.Isn't it. I'm trying to figure out my response fast, so any pointers you have would be great. Doesnt help that I'm away from home in a couple of days.

    4. what about putting a picture of a rapper over a song i completely made myself? its called a "TYPE BEAT" IS THAT A COPYRIGHT INFRIINGEMENT?"

    5. I was thinking of creating some Top 10 kind of videos. For example Top 10 Biggest hitting tackles in Madden 18. If I was to use between 6 and 10 different clips from gamers lasting less than 10 seconds per a clip would I be breaking any fair use rules? Obviously I would be placing the gamers username in the countdown.

    6. howto i get someone to take down a video i made attacking a group cause i was in the wrong and i learned my lesson but they still wont take the video down even if i promised not too show them my video of them attacking my video.

    7. It seems to be arbitrary. I posted the same video on YT as is already here, except I only posted a smaller portion and it was HQ, and it got flagged.

    8. Are you allowed to copy videos off YouTube and upload them to YouTube in a compilation?

    9. Can I just make personal videos (like just for me not posting them) using clips from movies? I’d like to try making a fan music video for a marvel character just for me and I’m not sure how to get clips without plagiarizing.

    10. youtube lost its respect and market placing. as a creator we want youtube to be unbiased or just to be used in america

    11. What if you use pictures from Google how could you avoid plagarsium do you put where you got it from or say you don't own the pictures? Please let me know thank you and loved the video.

    12. Please help me someone – I've been using 7 seconds of a copyrighted song as the intro to my videos, just as an opener to add a little something, but which in no way is the subject of my videos. I would credit the artist in my description but I'm scared putting the name will draw more attention to it, if I am doing something wrong? All I've said is that the intro music in no way belongs to me. If someone could look at one of my videos and let me know if they think I'm in the clear? I want to use it in all my videos and I don't want them all taken down or demonetised (when/if that time comes for me obv)! TIA x

    13. Is it right for me to use an auido of a music
      that i like and it is edited and just a small piece of it

    14. I use fair usage law for video game commentary on my main channel. For example, motorsport manager had a copyrighted track called "Gathering Data" by Luke Richards. So I basically filed a dispute stating that I was reviewing the video game itself. And that a part of the product being reviewed or criticized was the official sound track of the video game "Motorsport Manager." Because logically, reviewing a video game is like reviewing a movie.

      Now music in movies isn't normally one of the most important elements unless it's a musical. Now imagine that every video game is a musical. You basically can't justify a fair review of a video game without it's official sound track. As that may be the selling point for the product to a lot of people.

      For example, Undertale. People absolutely die for that music. It's considered one of the best sound tracks and has pretty much blown up YouTube with fan-made remixes of the game's music. Now imagine if a Let's Player got copyrighted for using Undertale's music in that game and then decided to remove it from the video. Would taking away a piece of art that literally sells the game to people still be considered a good review? Of course it wouldn't be a decent review. As one of the core elements that makes Undertale a masterpiece is it's sound track.

      Overall, the reason why I file these disputes is that removing the music would make my videos basis from a review stand point.

    15. How can I use sports clips and them be under fair use and not copyright? Thanks!

    16. let's say for example I wanted to showcase a custom game where I use models from say, risk pieces but I did showcase it came from risk and alink on where to buy it, you think that still falls into issues?

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