3D Printing: The Business Opportunities

3D printing can improve product development, transform traditional production methods, allow direct digital manufacturing and facilitate personal fabrication. In this video, Christopher Barnatt of ExplainingTheFuture.com highlights what this means for businesses, as well as offering some broader predictions.

You can find more information about 3D printing in Christopher's book "3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution" (), and in:

You can find more 3D prints and videos of broader future studies in:

The "trips with a futurist" mentioned at the beginning of this video can be seen in this video:

The pioneers of 3D printing that appear in this video include:

and – both for 3D printing sand molds.

and – for 3D printed jewelry and other works of art.

and – both for toys printed in 3D.

– For glasses printed in 3D.

– For prosthetic cases printed in 3D.

and – for the development of bioprinting.

Links to many more pioneers, manufacturers and 3D printing services can also be found in the 3D Printing Directory at:

Video credits to ExplainingTheFuture YouTube channel

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    3D Printing: The Business Opportunities

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    1. Super cool video, looking forward to the next. We are a small 3D modeling software startup completely bootstrapped and tooks us 5 years to develop our real-time collaborative CAD.? Would be great if you had time to check our software SolidFace.

    2. Mate you've got flooded by corporate shills. Mostly bots I presume. Probably because the title of this video is "bussines opportunities", they track down key words.
      anyways good video keep it up

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    9. With 3D computers that are currently printing on various metals and concrete, if most of the industries see the advantage of 3D printers being easier, faster and have less wastage on materials and impact to the environment, it could be more than 20%!

    10. Hello, could you explain a little bit more the curve about "3D Printing adoption" (10th minute) ? I don't quite understand the level of 50% for rapid prototyping; does that mean that half the prototypes are made with rapid rototyping and that the other categories (molds, digital manufacturing, etc…) will never reach more than 50% of the market? I am having a hard time with the term "3D printing adoption"

      Thank you in advance for your answer

    11. @ExplainingTheFuture
      I'd really like an updated version of this view given the developments in the sector.

    12. Let's fix our dishwashers.
      Goodbye planned obsolescence.
      At least to some extend and maybe to a large extend.
      Let's hope so. Let's make it so!

    13. 10:36 he says his book is titled 3d printing the next industrial revolution, but at the same time he predicts that 3d printers will only impact 20% of the manufacturing sector and will not replace traditional manufacturing.

    14. I'm still waiting for that ultimate 3D printing video where an interviewer walks into a local factory loaded with 3D printers. We're then shown enormous quantities of useful household products being 3D printed simultaneously to be later packaged & sent off to retailers.

    15. can someone help me? please suggest a couple 3d printers to be considered that is relatively cheap (for it class that is), suitable for small or home bussines, upgradable in size (ability to print big object may be needed latter on)…

    16. I'm looking for business opportunities, and I'm looking at 3D scanning and printing as a possible business. My concern is that if just anyone can do it, they won't pay me to do it. So, I'm looking for those parts of the market that offer enough potential for me to grow, without being overpopulated by competitors. 

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