5 Small Businesses You Can Start In Your Own Home

5 Small Businesses You Can Start In The Country
Starting an online business is something that you can do easily from by working from home and making money online.

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Starting a small home business has probably never been easier than it is today. There are several simple small businesses that you can start with little to know the investment or things you already have, and I will cover them in today's small business video.

Here are some of the books recommended for small businesses that can help:

Start your own business:
Small Operator:
The Daily Entrepreneur:
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    5 Small Businesses You Can Start In Your Own Home

    Comments 38

    1. I recently started looking into home based businesses and did not realize how big this space is. Lots of opportunity.

    2. Thank you. You are one of the few which provide some decent reality based advice. Subscribed looking forward to see more.

    3. Nice job this is one of the most honest channels i've seen when recommending how to make money online. There is so much garbage out there it's unreal.

    4. Love the background music. Made 2500 buying some land and 300 for some programming stuff. Getting it man.

    5. I want to start business online by giving people advises and solves their love life problems and also illnesses ( cancers). I have knowledges and love spell to sell. (money back guarantee.) I want to make money at the same time helping people and get blessing for doing it! Can you please give me advise how to start this business. (I dont know much about computer.) Thank you.

    6. 0:18 #01 Consultancy
      1:44 #02 Creative services
      1:51 #03 Technical support
      2:57 #04 Online writing and Copy writing
      4:04 #05 E-commerce based business

      Definitely a big help. Thanks!

    7. hi bro,
      i really like your video based on work from home,
      i have about 65% business online ideas, but just to know how to start or which to start with. can you please guide me on just one that is profitable

    8. Since I started following your channel, I've been in a state of self improvement and I got to thank you Robert Blake for that. In other hand I find your videos to be the highest quality available and I really like that, hope to see more from you, here a follower and a friend.

    9. So around 2:20 you you mentioned that tech companies want to hire people form home for customer service, programming, help desk, user testing, etc.. But what companies would you suggest getting involved with? When you think of "tech support" what company comes to mind?

    10. Today is my "homework day" and you just gave me several great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. As always, you are very appreciated!

    11. A little something for the folks who don't have time to waste. Time is money after all… Solid video btw.

      Here are the 5 business ideas he mentions in the video. Cheers.

      1 – CONSULTING
      3 – TECH SUPPORT
      5 – E-COMMERCE BASED BUSINESS [I.E. etsy, affiliate marketing, etc.]

    12. thank u for this video.. very encouraging. but where to advertise our services so that people can find us. am intersted to do language interpretation

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