5 Steps to Starting an Online Business

5 Simple Steps to Starting an Online Business! Obviously starting a business takes time, but start with these steps (and register for a domain name and start becoming an entrepreneur!

Some manufacturers of websites:
Square space

Product Selling Sites:

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    5 Steps to Starting an Online Business

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    1. Hi, Hannah! You are on the right track! You've said and explained all those steps well. Starting an online business also needs a good attitude — determination, commitment, and perseverance. Results won't happen overnight, it takes time and tons of work! Great video!

    2. We used Weebly as our hosting site and they are amazing! They seem to be less known, but they have incredible options and customization and customer service!

    3. Hey Hannah! I have been considering using your services as my YouTube consult! I haven't been doing it too long, but I am looking to take it seriously and I have been constant about posting good, quality videos with the best resources I have available to me. I am wondering if you can do a video on just how to start a YouTube channel, or get more attention to a channel that is looking to grow! I think you would give some awesome tips for starting out, before I commit to a consult session with ya! πŸ˜€

    4. Great video! It's incredible how cinematography and business can allow us to travel all over the world and make a full time income. So much opportunity!

    5. I loved this video you really motivate me to be an internet entrepreneur like you. I was just wondering if you could please make a video about how to become a successful Instagram blogger? I've been trying to become an Instagram influencer for awhile, but I haven't been having any luck.

    6. Hey Hannah, I love these tips!
      A little disclaimer – when you said WordPress has a free trial, it doesn't. It has a wordpress.com and a wordpress.org, two different platforms created by the same company. WordPress.com is free and you can upgrade later on, but WordPress.org is a self-hostted so you will have to purchasing hosting, domain, and other things from the start.

      If you want to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, you will have to pay a professional to migrate all your date. I mean, if you're techy enough to do it yourself, go for it, but I have experience failing twice so I don't really recommend it haha

      grace β™₯ http://www.gracee.co

    7. Such good info! I'm excited for your podcast and I hope it's on iTunes soon! I saw SoundCloud listed (im about to go search on iTunes so it may already be there lol)

    8. 8th! I love your video so much. I wish I could talk to you about me starting a business. I really want to started a business but I don't know what I am passionate on. I started my YouTube channel but I will change it to a girlboss theme channel soon. Please do a video on starting a business or how to find what you passion. I know this is kind of weird but please help me.

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