7 sales organization models for your organizational structure

Today's guest is Tony Capucille, the youngest CSO in the Fortune 1000, and we are discussing the organizational structure. Go to to continue along with our book.

00:45 Presentation by Tony Capucille, CSO at Heartland Payment Systems
01:35 The seven dominate the organizational development models of sales
02:52 The stratification model
06:04 The hunter / farmer model
11:02 The geographical model
13:24 The vertical industry model
19:12 The product overlay model
22:21 The buyer's model
24:55 The organizational model

SBI Sales & Marketing Video Podcast Episode summary:

Ready to get organized? It's Spring Cleaning here in SBI's Sales and Marketing Podcast, so B2B sales assistant Tony Capucille of Heartland Payment Systems is joining us today to discuss the pros and cons of the seven sales organization models Dominant. Organizational structure and get on the way to hitting your numbers.

There is no single model for organizational structure, so in addition to assessing the pros and cons of each organizational development model, we will also see what types of organizations are best suited to. For example, you may have some clear high priority accounts. If so, perhaps the stratification model, in which segmenting your winning accounts and assigning talent and resources accordingly, would fit you better. Perhaps you would be better served by the hunter / farmer organization structure, where you have a dedicated new business team and one dedicated to growing your current accounts. Are you a company that focuses on B2B sales in a specific geographic area? The geographic model could be your ticket to success. Then there are always the benefits of adopting a hybrid approach, such as the organizational model, which offsets the strengths of one organizational structure with the strengths of another. Chances are you'll probably experiment with some of these organizational development models before you find the one that suits you best, so what better place to start than here? Learn from the experience of one of the best B2B sales leaders out there to start finding the organizational structure that will take you to the numbers you need to hit.

Ready to make your number?
If you would like a copy of the book mentioned in this video, go to SalesBenchmarkIndex.com/2016-report to see the details of our six-step revenue growth method, which covers market research, corporate strategy, product strategy, strategy Marketing strategy, sales strategy and talent strategy. If you would like one of SBI's sales and marketing advisors to help you implement our revenue growth strategy in your organization, please let us know at

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    7 sales organization models for your organizational structure

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    1. Nicely done, insightful, provocative and pragmatic. Something every Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Executive Officer should consider.

    2. These are hugely helpful. Our challenge is to interpolate the subject and scale it to a $3 million / 4 man sales team. We are doing it, but it would be interesting to have some interviews with sub $100 million per year execs.

    3. Great information that highlights on engaging the market. I think you need to use all models depending on your product or service.

    4. Love it but .. please .. drop the ads .. !
      Would be interested in understanding how each model matches to different industries/product types (e.g. how geographic sales model works in commodity vs solutions markets, in large vs small sales, fast vs slow moving industries, .. )
      Also .. will wait for an "episode" focused on "indirect" sales force (i.e. managing channel partners)

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