AIR FRANCE BUSINESS CLASS – C’est Chic? Paris to Seoul on 777-200ER

I FINALLY tried out the Air France executive class and thought it was really … not telling you here;) Watch the video instead!


Edited with the help of the incredible Max Bovin:


Paid: By Airbus for the event A330-800neo. I could choose the airline and flights freely, so I chose Air France because I wanted to try them. Air France did not know who I was and Airbus does not care who I fly or what I say about them. I feel very fortunate to have this unique opportunity to take a flight that I can review and have not paid yet. Honestly, the goals of life right there.

My camera team –
Big camera
GoPro mount (put it anywhere):
Wide angle lens:
Clip microphone:

Information about me:
Draw my life:
Airline: Air France, AF
Plane: Boeing 777-200ER
Registration of the aircraft: F-GSPZ
Date of flight: November 7, 2018.
Route: Paris Charles De Gaulle – Seoul Incheon
Flight numbers: AF264
Seat: 7l
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:
[email protected]



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Video credits to Nonstop Dan YouTube channel

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    AIR FRANCE BUSINESS CLASS – C’est Chic? Paris to Seoul on 777-200ER

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    1. Hi Dan, love the video! Can you please please do a JET2 vs TUI vs Thomas cook airlines! Because I don’t know what one to choose

    2. Thank you for your post good sir. I like your attention to detail your story like narration. It's almost like we are on the flights with you. Merci

    3. Nice clip Dan. AF, dunno to me they've just got someting, a vibe I just love. Will always remember a flight into Nice years ago. The crew were all so good looking, tall and sun tanned, so polite and professional. The pilot didn't just decend at Nice, there was a sharp steep bank followed by what was more like a DIVE. He/she was like: OK folks let's have some fun: voila, let's FLY!

    4. She asked you not to film the pax due to the new European Privacy law.

      I am glad she told you like that. That is how you communicate. Beautifully.


    5. Did 4 business class flights last weekend, two with KLM and two with Air France. I will never do Business class again (in Europe) with Air France since they make no difference in economy and business class leg space. The food was poor as well compared to KLM. Maybe I will try long haul with Air France but in doubt… Not even talking about the cabin crew that had a bad mood, compared to the friendly crew of KLM who made me very happy.

    6. I’d love to go on a plane to Scotland (my home country), however I don’t have a passport, nor the funds. I’m hoping maybe Summer, but I doubt it.

    7. You should fly Delta’s a350 from Soul to Atlanta in premium economy or business and back in economy

    8. I flew AF biz class from IAD-CDG on the 777-200, and was super impressed! Food and service was great, and as you said the seats was spacious. Agreed, their safety video I think was also one of the more entertaining ones out there.

      Not down with all the remote parking stands at CDG though. At one point it felt like we were on the bus for a good 20mins driving to the terminal.

    9. Bus gate? When it's raining? Arghhhhh, I'm with you. With so many pax who are vegan and vegetarian you would think the business class catering (out of CDG for pete's sake) would be more imaginative and look better. That english muffin looked like someone had sat on it…

    10. Ehi Dan, why don't you try Alitalia Business class on a long haul flight? I think would be a nice experience too.

    11. A 777 at Air France's home base – an international long distance flight – and you get a BUS GATE? What the hell? ^^

    12. Taken this route many, many times over the past 20 years. Usually, AF eastbound and KLM westbound – great schedules.

    13. Il dit un seul mot en français et ensuite il affirme qu'il peut parler en français…
      Says one word in French and then says he speaks French…

    14. Do not let them get a pass on that food. Business class food and wine is declining industry wide and we consumers need to tell the airlines that we disapprove.

    15. Every time I watch one of your videos on airline reviews, I look up to my parents and say “we need to fly AirFrance/United/etc” 😂

    16. Great video. You always help me Choose good flights👌 omg I love that kiiit. If you give it away my brutally honest opinion is that I neeed it

    17. Hey Dan, those Potato cakes are call Hash Browns in the UK. I hope your Wisdom teeth op went ok? Where’s Oscar? Big love! RgY TLv ✌️😎💙

    18. I’ve flown economy with them on their a320 and a319. I couldn’t have any complaints. Seats were okay, cabin was clean, crew were professional yet friendly with the “good morning Mr Collier (nice touch in economy), got my “free” coffee and a croissant (are you listening, BA?). All in all, they were fine for the short hop between LHR and CDG. That business class looks so naff though, no way I’d pay the extra for it. It’s a shame.

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