Anand Ahuja (Sonam Kapoor Husband) Lifestyle, Biography, House, Cars, Family, Net Worth, Business

See Anand Ahuja (Sonam Kapoor Husband) Lifestyle, biography, home, cars, family, net worth, business and much more

Name: Anand Ahuja
Birthday: July 30
Place of birth: New Delhi, India
Father: Sunil Ahuja
Mother: Beena Ahuja
Brothers- Anant Ahuja, Amit Ahuja (Younger)
Profession: Entrepreneur
Career: Anand is an entrepreneur based in Delhi who is the executive director and general manager of the famous Indian clothing brand "Bhane".
Anand is co-founder of the first sneaker shop in India "Veg Non Veg"
School: American Embassy School, New Delhi
College: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA UU
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA UU
Educational qualification: Bachelor of Science, Economics, International Relations
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Religion: Hinduism

Hobbies: play basketball, collect shoes, love BMX bikes
Cars: Ferrari Testarossa. Worth it: Rs. 4.72 Crore
House: bought a new home in London

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    Anand Ahuja (Sonam Kapoor Husband) Lifestyle, Biography, House, Cars, Family, Net Worth, Business

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