#AskGaryVee Episode 30: How to Pick a Name for Your Business

#QOTD: What do you like most about San Francisco?

00:36 What is your opinion on the sites and publications of listicle?
02:57 In the era of social networks, Twitter, vine and instagram length. How would this affect a starter in choosing a name?
04:52 When you left the Wine Library to start Vaynermedia, was it a conscious decision not to have someone take control of Wine Library TV

Make the decision to put myself there –

For me, a name is made. I have some friends who sit and go wayyyyy too long trying to figure out the name of their start. What does "Google" or "Facebook" mean to someone outside their inner communities when they were not the familiar names we know today? None of these words mean NOTHING until they are SOMETHING.

Some people write to me saying they do not like their own last name. My answer? You are sending an email to Gary VAYNERCHUK. Let's call it what it is, Vaynerchuk SUCKS. And yes, they will be the ones who tell me it's unique and a little cool, and it gives me that – BUT, it's only good because I did something outside of it.

And what does a name mean? To me? NOTHING.

I actually think that a new trend in this short lived world in which we live will be that most of the names of companies will start to be abbreviated. People used to call me "V-Chuk" because they did not want to call me "Vaynerchuk", and that became my slang name. We will evolve our name to our convenience whenever it brings VALUE. And so, stop worrying about the name and start to worry about the product.

#ProTip: If your full name is available for a dotcom, go ahead and buy it. Highly recommend.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal, best selling author, self-taught wine expert and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is now available on Amazon!

Video credits to Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube channel

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    #AskGaryVee Episode 30: How to Pick a Name for Your Business

    Comments 29

    1. cretic: I love your energy. And what you say sounds like you know what your talking about. But, Stick to the theme of the video. if it answers a question, plaes try and mostly answer it. Time is money and all that, so don't wast peoples time 🙂 and I say that as a fan. Give the value that you preach and all that.

    2. Cafe Macaroni's gnocchi and tiramasu! And owner Mario is the best! What I noticed about your episodes, since you are asking for feedback, that when you make an off the cuff remark or joke (which are funny and well timed btw) you tend to comment to your staff "you like that one" or "did you get that" or "that was a good one" I've noticed it sporadically over the last 30 episodes. My humble opinion, is to not say anything and just keep it rolling. When you point it out it takes away from the humor of the moment. I hope that makes sense!

    3. Hi, soo glad that I found your channel .. and I need a straight advice. My name is "Fahad" (Leopard in Arabic).. how do you feel about "Fahadography, for Photography business"? it's available in all platform

      Thank you!

    4. Seafood.
      I know I'm 2yrs late on these, but I don't give a shit. I want to contribute to Vaynernation

      I really enjoy the rawness of it, video was in and out of focus on Gary a little bit.

    5. GaryV!!!! Once again rockin the real questions that matter! Needed to hear that reality about Names! We just launched "SurgeTv" and I wasn't into the name as much as my partner but I know if we have 1 Million listeners the name all of a sudden become the "Ish"! #the50yroldman

    6. Noooo…. @thebobbyg …..killing me….dors he talk like this all the time?!? LoL

      San Francisco….The Golden Gate Bridge, most likely, amd the ups & downs with the tram, seems pretty interesting 🙂

    7. #qotd: The unpredictability of the bay and the skill level that it takes to boat around there properly any time of the year.

    8. Hey Gary, You asked for us to critique your show a bit. I didn't find this one super relevant for me, but that's because my main interest is learning about branding, value content creation and distributions on various platforms and the strategy around that. So this one was off topic for me, but on for someone else obviously. You had good energy. Pretty causual episode. Nothing to write home about. And never been to San Fran so my exposure of it is just from tv shows and movies as a kid with the hill and the trally carts

    9. I love San Fran for many reasons, but #1 is that right wing conservatives hate it and so they won't be there.

    10. My favorite thing about San Fran is a tie between the Giants Ball park and Alcatraz! Another cool episode in San Fran. Didn't like 3 question format.

    11. My favorite thing about San Francisco is the fact that although I am ultra conservative in my ideology, this ultraliberal ideological city is one of my favorite places to visit. Hope it's not too late to share. I'm a little behind on the podcasts.

    12. QOTD: I haven't been there yet 🙁 Really looking forward to getting a cappuccino in the downtown area though.

    13. I still love this format.  My favorite part is the air port…since that's the only place I've been :-B

    14. #QOTD: What's your favorite thing about San Francisco?
      Psuedo-Tech Mecca

      00:36 What is your opinion on listicle sites and posts?
      I hate upworthy. But I love Listicles…. from people when I trust their opinion.

    15. I'm so glad to hear your fun fact about this episode I too am freaking out for my 30th birthday this month! Hoping I can follow in your footsteps and continue to build my businesses. Thanks again for being such a huge inspiration and motivation for me on a daily basis!!!

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