#AskGaryVee Episode 62: Franchising, open courses and cash or exhibition

Part 1: Give me your feedback, are you excited about Instagram bringing a visual element to the program?
Part 2: Will you send a question through Instagram?

01:49 – What is your point of view about your company's franchise when you can not be sure if others care about the brand in the same way?
03:59 – What are your #HustleHacks practices when it comes to diet, sleep, and your daily routine? How to maintain energy and intellectual capacity as you hurry nonstop
06:02 – I'm growing my business and looking to include partners for the content. What is the best way to recruit them? Money / exposure promise?
09:35 – I feel as if online courses usurp traditional education in a big way. Do you see this happening? And is there any money to make?
10:53 – As an artist I find it difficult to apply a lot of the business advice that there is. How would I advise artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers like myself who never fit into any corporate mold?

If you are building a consumer facing business such as a restaurant, for example, a franchise is a great thing to do. But, something to ask is – are you trying to franchise your name? Many people have tried to franchise me. If I. As in Garyvee. I had so many pitches when "Crush It" came out in 2010. People wanted to build courses that they were going to teach, but it would channel me. That was something I did not feel comfortable with because I did not feel like I was being represented. I would not want to franchise that route.

So if you're asking me about the franchise, I'll say no. Having other people representing "you", to scale your "brand" as a franchise, simply does not make any sense anymore. With YouTube and all other forms of social media available, you simply do not need it.

BUT let's say you are franchising your restaurant or retail business. If that is the case, I am comfortable saying: go for it. You can make sure your brand is guaranteed with lots of rules, lots of legal jargon and an intense workout. What you need to do to scale that, do it. It may be difficult, but it will be worth keeping the core values ​​of your business intact.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal, best selling author, self-taught wine expert and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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Video credits to Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube channel

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    #AskGaryVee Episode 62: Franchising, open courses and cash or exhibition

    Comments 44

    1. QOTD Answer – I am more of a visual guy and I know the ask garyvshow is over but I will definitely submit one.

    2. Hey, since I was always eating while LISTENING you show now watching much, It is better to have someone reading it even if you show the pictures. I guess no Cuz I am watching this in 2017

    3. GaryVee! I just wanted you to know… your videos have changed my business for the better. And the cool thing is i'm about 2 years behind! Awesome! #the50yroldman

    4. I like the Instagram questions! It inspires creativity! I will be asking one via Instagram 😀

    5. Its cool. I just listen and dont really watch so its not that much different.
      Depends if you are still doing it- I am working through the shows- a year behind.

    6. Instagram is a great medium to leverage to gain attention. I will be asking a question when I catch up on shows

    7. Hello Gary Veeeeee!!!! 😀 Great episode! It was really nice to see how happy you were to introduce Kate to us!
      About instagram input in the show, that's very innovative! Taking it to another level! 😀

      For sure i will submit many, not just one!!!!

    8. Hey Gary, Knowning that you aren't using instagram on your current show, I'm guessing that ship sailed and didn't stick. I wasn't a fan of it because the questions were too long and then I had these big photos, plus all the content you gave back. So a lot more going on for my brain to follow. Which would be fine, it I didn't consume data all day long already.

    9. 1. Great change of pace and the visual element is something I always look for in video. Placing a face to a question make that person take ownership.

      2. Without a doubt.

    10. Great content, very useful thanks a lot.
      i'm not sure if i should answer those now, since its 8 months late… Fun on insta, although short vids are cooler 😉

    11. you have definitely opened my eyes to the value of instagram +Gary Vaynerchuk and I actually find that in that space is where I feel I can express myself MOST authentically.  Getting to this episode late in the game but if I come up with a 'worthy' question YES I will follow the 'new' (now probably old!) format

    12. 1. love the idea. I tend to go to instagram more than twitter. 
      2.Not just yet! Working my way through all the old episodes…

    13. #QOTD: (1) yes, always like diversity in content. (2) I have to step my insta game up, but absolutely in due time.

    14. Why weren't the questions spoken? It made it very difficult to follow along and I had to rewind several times.

    15. This is the first time I`ve noticed your theme song is saying "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook". lol. I must have heard it 30+ times.

      Subliminal training ? 🙂

    16. 1. Excited not about the visuals but about linking the question askers Instagram so we can connect more easily on that platform instead of Twitter or YouTube

      2. Ohhhhh yeah 🙂 have one I've been waiting to ask but have been waiting for it to be relevant!

    17. I love the Instagram questions, but their existence makes me neither more nor less likely to submit a question than before Instagram.

    18. Yes I love the new Instagram interaction. As a wine store it helps us push bottles out the door because a lot of shoppers are visually driven. And yes I will be posting an Instagram #AskGaryVee question.

    19. I like the Instagram concept, but I don't like that you can't use Instagram without an iPhone type device…  I don't own a cellphone.  Last time I tried to create an account and upload a photo via computer they shut down my account.  Instagram hates neo-luddites.

    20. That was very cool of you to highlight Kate Parker's photography and relay that you guys knew each other since Junior year in high school. Props!

    21. LOVED that last question and the answer.

      Still have not fully incorporated instagram into my routine. If I have a question I may submit via the insta because it is different and still has that semi-new feeling.

      I do not consistently generate enough content to post on the multiple media accounts without cross posting the same content, so instagram tends to get less attention from me.

    22. Great episode, the last Q&A in particular very good.  QOTD: Instagram provides great context, never would have been motivated to search for Kate if her Q was via Twitter.  As far as submitting a Q – most likely. 

    23. Hey Gary, I'm really excited about the instagram questions. It brings a completely new dynamic and a higher fun factor to the show. I will for sure ask a question on instagram as soon as I think of a creative picture for the question.

    24. QOTD The Instagram posts are clever. 
      I am kind of excited about it but I've already submitted two questions. 

    25. I think you are asking your fans to do too much work. Why not use the internet to make it as easy as possible for fans to interact? Why not let fans connect with you on whichever platform is most convenient for them? I would recommend you pick and choose questions from all of your platforms.

    26. I believe that instagram is a good platform for you to move into next, but not if you are going to disappear on G +Gary Vaynerchuk . That what appeared to me. Had to search your episode on youtube. As for my plan for questions that could follow a podcast rebranding launch.

    27. #QOTD

      Part 1, no problem with changing it up gets me looking at my Instagram a little more closely

      Part 2, for sure I'll ask one

    28. I am building a portfolio for digital graphics for social media.  Instagram is my kind of platform….all visual!  

    29. It's only been recent that I have actually started to care about my account on instagram and I have very selective photos so at first my thought was negative towards posting it on instagram. But in long run It will be good because by doing it my photos will be viewed by the people who has similar mind. So yes I will do one soon haha

    30. Hi Gary – Instagram is more my medium than twitter so I appreciate the switch. Enjoying the show – mostly listen to the podcast – but occasionally pop over here when I really want to SEE. A) how the working out is working for you (big ups on that!) B) something that I simply cannot learn only by listening – (the artist pic in the one and also how the instagram questions were working) C) respond to a call out from you that resonates with me 🙂

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