Best Yugioh Realm Of The Sea Emperor Structure Deck Opening Ever!

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    Best Yugioh Realm Of The Sea Emperor Structure Deck Opening Ever!

    Comments 45

    1. I actually run a water deck in tournaments and the people tht I faced it with were annoyed by all the affects and boosting of attack. I remodeled it and put rage of the deep sea and other cards in there

    2. You guys are the ones watching the video. If you don't like it then get your ass somewhere else. Stop being dicks and expressing your opinion, which nobody really cares to hear, and have a little respect.

    3. this is a ver very very under-rated deck

      if you are looking for a strcuture deck for a sealed deck tournament i'd definitely recommend this. i'm not sure about a 3x deck

      but as a one deck, this deck totally destroyed realm of light and master of pendulum decks..

    4. My poseidra came out really dark and the golden plates actually look more silver on my copy. I am always unlucky with these sort of things…

    5. that's the thing I love about Yugioh cards, not can you play em but buying em and opening em up and sleeving em is always the best part 🙂

    6. My buddies and I opened this aswell, but were joking around. I it is funny, check out some of my YUGIOH videos 😀


    7. This deck sucks compared to the original water structure deck. 2 Legendary Oceans and Terraforming? Why not just three Legendary Oceans? Big wave small wave? for what? The only monster that is higher than level 4 is Poseidra. This deck is just a big water booster pack imo. 

    8. I already have a Fury of the Deep deck. Buying this one on top of that one would make quite a killer deck. I already have 5 Legendary Oceans, 3 Gravity Binds, and 3 Salvages though lol. 

    9. screw the sea emporer i spit embers on your realm the fire kings is better (in my opinion dont bitch at me if i want that ill go to school and be a complete arse

    10. Take a look at the Gates of the Underworld structure deck. 3 of them and you have pretty much all you need and it is a really good and fun deck

    11. Get the Blue Eyes one because it's probably the easier to learn, it's all about getting your normal dragons into the grave and using spell cards to summon them back to the field, pretty good and fun deck.

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