Business opportunity of a lifetime

[email protected] George offers his YouTube fans the opportunity to enter a franchise business with him, for a very low initial cost.

Video credits to G Packard YouTube channel

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    Business opportunity of a lifetime

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    1. Love your videos, have learned a great deal. I'm in a position where I will be taking over a well established (but small, 50 accounts) lawn maintenance business. I want to grow the business and realize a website is the most important "salesman" I could have. I saw you no longer recommend the guy who you used in the past. Who would you recommend today and do they only do local work as I'm in upstate New York. Thanks for your time and please keep up the great work!

    2. Damn…I wonder how many in the comments manage to put their shoes on in the morning?

      Email him for info. Not in the comment section…damn!

    3. Hey George, you sure you want to be in business with a bunch of people who can't follow a simple direction? He said email "him" for info. Geese lol

    4. I’m speechless. I didn’t think you would end up going this way. Another Kieth Kalfas, Stanley Genadec.

    5. Hi! I'm 19. Been in landscaping since 10 helping my dad with his landscaping. I recently Bought a 12yr old company gross income 140k per year. Can you suggest what software I can use to run it. I'm using yardbook now. I have about 70-80 accounts per week. I'm in metro Atlanta area. Thank you

    6. Seriously George I was watching your videos when you were actually working in explaining what you were doing then you keep rambling on about how you started out what shoes you’re wearing so I’m going to unsubscribe later

    7. Now this is what somebody told me it’s a lifetime opportunity putting airbags on bicycle seat go figure

    8. George you've made me curious enough to request the information on the franchise opportunity. I've been in business for 14 years and am looking for an additional service to offer my 130 customers here in southern Oregon.

    9. George, we need more info. You didn't really explain any parts of the franchise, or how the money is made.

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