Buy For 15 Cents – Sell For $1.69 – Wholesale Business Opportunity

Your own wholesale distribution business from buying products for 15 cents and selling for $ 1.69! Better yet, YOU DO NOT MAKE REAL SALE!

Start a newspaper distribution business with a minimum investment that has unlimited potential. Yes, unlimited!

Be the first in your community to sell YOUR PAPER stores for distribution. If someone else sells them first, they will not buy from you since they already have the product.

Buy the product for 15 cents and sell it for $ 1.69!

I am a successful PERIODIC PUBLISHER looking for business partners oriented to starting their own newspapers in their own cities.

My Proven Business Model teaches you to create several generic versions of successful, expensive (some over 75K) franchises from magazines such as Clipper Magazine, Valpak, AutoTrader, Homes & Land, etc.

On my website, there are 11 instructional instructional videos that explain this SINGLE opportunity in detail, including instructions on how to get started FREE.

I have trained more than 500 entrepreneurs since 2009, and now they are publishing their own Newspapers and Magazines in their own communities while earning a great living. I personally have been earning more than $ 100,000 for years by publishing Newspapers and Magazines in my own community without buying a franchise, and I can teach you to do the same in your community. Best of all, customers are already in place!

If this opportunity seems interesting, you should visit my website and contact me as I will examine your particular zip code and advise you if your community can support this type of business model. FREE TO START – NO FEEDBACK!

If this information is not helpful to you, consider moving to a loved one or a friend who could benefit from it. It is the only business opportunity LEGITIMADA among a field of nonsense. Arthur Gottlieb

Video credits to Mydiscount Clipper YouTube channel

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    Buy For 15 Cents – Sell For $1.69 – Wholesale Business Opportunity

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