Commercial For Funding

Inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, business owners: what if?

What happens if you need funds for the following?

1. Prototypes
2. Protection of intellectual property
3. Produce a promotional film or music video
4. Buy a franchise
5. purchase inventory
6. Take courses to obtain vital knowledge
7. Buy property
8. Create a brand from a line of books or buy an inventory of private labels to build your brand!

Where would you go? Who would you go to? At the beginning of any new company, the ability to protect the concept and keep it secret until the right time is of great importance!

You need money to do the things mentioned in the previous list, but nothing outside the scope of possibility. Even leaving a balance in an account over a period of time leads to what is known as an experienced account and this can help to open doors for even higher lines of credit.

You can pursue your goals without others taking a part of "Your" projects from the beginning. He also wants to avoid exposing what he is doing unnecessarily or too soon. If you have the funds for those essential start-up costs, you can carry out your projects with full control.

Do not let the lack of funds slow your momentum when you know you have a great idea or a quality artistic effort. Get the financing you need to keep moving forward!

Credit lines:

For those of you who have a new Corporation or an existing Corporation, these are the following "Declared Income" scenarios:

For up to $ 250,000
Good personal credit
Two Years Active Corporation (seasoned)
Low debt to available credit ratio

For up to $ 150,000
Good personal credit
Brand New Corporation is fine
Low debt to available credit ratio

0% interest for the first 6-13 months
Rates as low as 8.99%

Term loans

For term loans, no corporate entity is required! Use the money for any purpose, including the purchase of real estate.


– 680+ FICO scores across the board
– $ 50,000 or more in personal taxable income during the past 2 years

Interest Rates: 3.99-14.99%
Length: 3.5 or 7 years
$ 50,000- $ 250,000

Send me an email and simply request the Term Loan or Line of Credit application.
Books from the initial concept to the open for business.

Video credits to Louis Ellman YouTube channel

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    Commercial For Funding

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