Corp 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure

Corporations 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure. Come back soon for more information on the internal workings of companies.

Video credits to Business Roundtable YouTube channel

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    Corp 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure

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    1. This is like the exact opposite of a conspiracy theory film. Whether a video exhibits on extreme point of view or the other, by leaving out the negative aspects, this video has little credibility and is likely backed by some self interested entity attempting to perpetuate it's point of view.

    2. The corporation is an enemy against sovereignty. The corporation counterfeits money. The Federal Reserve is a counterfeiter owned by foreign interests who control Wall Street and this nation.

    3. Hmmm United States Code Title 28 sec 3002 par 15(a) defines "United States" as "a Federal corporation". The president is the CEO.

    4. The organizational structure of most corporations is very similar. Many people might also be surprised to know that most corporations are not the large multinational behemoths with multibillion dollar revenues that we often see in the news.

    5. @ehrahman

      Intel is a corporation.
      Google is a corporation.

      You used their products to write your inane comment.

    6. @ehrahman

      Indeed, a video about basic corporate structure making absolutely zero political points is "corporate propaganda."

      Such ignorance cannot be natural, it must be educated. I mourn for your educators for doing you such a disservice.

    7. Not every company that is publicly traded has a majority of its stock owned by a single person.

      Look at HP: Carly Fiorina was opposed by Walter Hewlett, son of one of the founders, to merge with Compaq in 2002. Other large shareholders opposed the merger as well. Still, a slim majority of shareholders approved the merger anyway. Shareholders of HP also sent Fiorina packing when the merger didn't pan out so well.

    8. josemiguel141, it's true that most people can't afford to become an influential shareholder. However, we can buy and sell stock based on our feelings about what a company does or the way it's managed. If enough people feel the same way we do, the company will feel our influence.

    9. a lot of open ended information…"a lot of people -shareholders- invest and prosper"- yeah, sure 'a lot', many, many people i know they can not affors to become a 'honored' ,"distinguished" shareholder. the fact it's that not many people can be in full potential to decide about corporation future/managemant.
      this it's just propaganda.- i'm a independent living in California. I was borned in Costa Rica. i'm not republican neither democrat- just independent…this is my opinion.

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