Desperate to Make Money to $8000 a Month Online Business 💵

If you are desperate to make money … online business can be your best friend or worst nightmare. In this video, I tell you what to do if you are desperate to make money. Warning: this video is not for everyone. It will be a great alarm clock for many of you deadbeats out there! P.S: The money used at the beginning of this video is 100% false cinema prop money.

So the way I see despair is that there are two types of despair. "Good despair" can fuel you to succeed, while "bad despair" can make you fail in the online business.

Example of "good despair":

Let's say you finished high school but never went to college.

You took recovery jobs to pass …

Suddenly, you realize that your life will not improve unless you do something about it.

Unless you get up on your own feet and make things happen yourself.

These are the types of people who do well in starting their own online business simply because there is no other option.

The other end of the spectrum is "bad despair":

If you want to make money online, you may not be desperate for money.

If you are $ 50 away from being broken and unable to pay your rent, I am going to be honest with you and say that making money with an online business is probably not your way out now.

First you need to get your affairs in order. Be stable. Banking at least $ 1000 in cash, and has your expenses under control.

Once you are in a stable state of mind, then consider starting your affiliate marketing business.

Video credits to Deadbeat Super Affiliate YouTube channel

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    Desperate to Make Money to $8000 a Month Online Business 💵

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    1. I really want to say that you are absolutely a game changer and your approach with what you are doing and you're absolutely right about telling people to get their mental and their emotional states in order and balanced and working out and all of that! I mean my God- I am so proud of you I'm so proud of you because I have absolutely never seen anyone approach their business honestly like that to people ; I mean you just went straight for it! I'm a holistic therapist and that's what I have to do I'm at the tell him right now and about to jump into a great big things for us all!! I can't wait to get started on your system here soon!!

    2. Try this proved method that makes money online system,100% newbie friendly system, no need previous experience Just search Google, suludollarhome. com

    3. Hi, I have been watching your video and think that amongst all the rubbish on you tube you are really an honest guy and do not lie, I like your programmes a lot and keep on bringing giving us the best, thank you.

    4. So is the step to be an affiliate : make a web, write content,get traffic,make sales? Why are there so many affiliate programmers with monthly fees that are so expensive ?

    5. i am desperatly serching th ultimate way to be able to live and eat and pay my rent…thats all i need and i need that in the next 15 days othewise im fucked…..

      please someone help me

    6. I am a department manager for a grocery supermarket chain. I've been here for almost a decade and I'm starting to feel very burnt out. The 50 hour weeks are starting to kill me and the demands of management are getting more and more stressful. I listen to everyone's advice on YouTube but I don't know what the best way is to achieve freedom. Some people advise to start an online business selling physical products, and some like you advise affiliate advertising. I don't have a lot of spare money but I do have maybe a few thousand to play with, and I am lost as to where to start. I want to have a better future with my wife and future kids and have time to love them

    7. Hi Dan! This is absolutely the most sound advice……..I have listened to a lot of "gurus"……..they do not often speak very truthfully……..just give a lot of hype about how easy their system is, etc., etc. Thanks for being honest!

    8. How many times have you lost that robe before recording? I love your vids bro very informative.

    9. as usual a Great Video, I have been looking at your stuff for two weeks now and I AM READY TO TAKE ACTION, tomorrow after I. get home from my job (I will explain what a job is at a later time) I will become the next "want to be> Deadbeat

    10. the testomonial is very vague, doesnt really tell what he did, and how he got the system to work

    11. Hey dan big fan and am using your program currently and I don't doubt that you make a good income but are those stacks of money real? Be real!

    12. How many affiliate programs do you recommend signing up with for a niche website? i currently signed up with two, and it's getting messy.

    13. Good advice. Also for people that are stressed you need to get out into Nature; into a park or the beach. Go to the beach and watch the water. Stress releases the hormone cortisol into your blood stream and cortisol will shrink your brain. Also meditation helps, sit quietly, take notice of your breathing or pray if you prefer, and say over and over, "I am healthy, wealthy and wise and money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways." Maybe you should be a Life Coach Dan..:) There are so many internet scams out there you really don't know who to believe. I sincerely hope you are one of those people that is genuinely concerned about helping people.

    14. Great video! Completely agree with what you said about bad desperate… now that I think about it I started seeing gains in starting my own brand only after I started exercising regularly…

    15. Man, Dan! I love your videos dude!
      So much valuable insight and info! Getting your course this week!

    16. 0:000:03 = "AHHHHHH, HOT POCKETS!" hahaha I've re-watched the 1st video of your training countless times just for that…

    17. hi Dan, what's your opinion Amazon fba, ebay ect., verses affiliate marketing for a person 45 yrs. old? tia 🙂

    18. Hello deadbeat super affiliate, please I need some serious help man, I'm super lazy just like you and I don't want to work anywhere to anyone I just started affiliate marketing and I'm trying so hard to make my first commission but I'm overloaded and need some help and guidance.

    19. No hate but how can 50 hours a week at a 30 dollar per hour salary be 4 times as much as 8,000 dollars per month. The warehouse is 6,000 dollars per month. So it's a 25% growth.

    20. WTF you are always in same clothes in your all videos I hope you wash them constantly

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