Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

South of France … Two rival swindlers, one is soft and sophisticated, the other is a third-rate American swindler, they make a bet. The first to extract $ 50,000 from the next woman he meets wins … and the other leaves the city.

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    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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    1. Remake of a movie that starred David Niven and Marlon Brando with Shirley Jones. Original title was Bedtime Story (1964). As with most remakes, the original was funnier.

    2. I have a huge screen TV & here I am watching this on my laptop!
      Love this movie,..right up there with A Fish Called Wanda!!

    3. A fabulous light-hearted farce!
      Twists and turns, turns and twists. Very clever, superb acting with two accomplished major stars, compelling script, excellent production values, and comedic suspense!
      Watch it! You won't be disappointed!

    4. they could have done a better job these two actors really didn't seem to put their effort into this movie. It just wasn't made right or something's wrong it just didn't have Steve Martin and Michael Caine potential it was a comedy non comedy Misfit to me more like a Dean Martin Jerry Lewis type of thing just didn't have the pzazz it needed!

    5. At 26:16! Wow. Where else but in…Hollywood…could a man rise from a con artist's humble servant to the Evil Despotic Emperor of a Galaxy far, far away?

    6. grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you into extremely loud foliage Best Con-Artists' flick of the century starring three gems. Frank Oz is a genius, as well. Shout out to Steve Martin and Michael Caine for delivering believable scum with class.

    7. That thing where he asks to go to the bathroom, then does it in his pants at the table, yea l do that all the time bro.

    8. i love, love, love this one….. when i have a boring job to do or a lot of paper work, i put this on (i have a copy) and i smile, and giggle my way thru it……
      it adds a humor to my day and the job gets done.. …….. did i say i love this movie ??………….. Steve Martin and Michael Cain at their prime…… it is perfect…..

    9. WoW … Whatta splendiferous wacky-fun RIDE! Ruprecht was a doggone funny-bone laff-and-a-half delight! The fake kid-steeringwheel was a real belly-rumble chuckle guffaw! What an unlikely but endearing odd-couple duo, playing-off each other so swell. The ending was a superb out-of-the-blue turn-around smile. GREAT comedic treat indulgence, a genre that no-longer does much of anything for me, so this was a rare viewing pleasure that satisfied. I give it a solid 9/10 stars! Enjoy!

    10. My girls and I watched this movie 3 times! Now when we go to the airport to pick one of the girls we are usually greeted with someone in the distance calling or carrying a sign reading “ Dr. Schiefhausen,Dr. Schiefhausen!”!

    11. Second "free" movie I tried here. THEY DO NOT PLAY! "Error licensing this video." What ever the hell that means. LIkely one of my adblockers is blocking something. I don't care. I will NOT be wasting my life watching commercials anyway. Will find this on putlocker or one of many other free sites.

    12. What a great movie! A bit of trivia: Anton Rodgers who played Andre was a British actor who starred in a sitcom from the 1980's that used for its theme song a tune called "Pick Yourself up". That tune is heard in the scene where Steve Martin comes out of the hotel and drives off in the lady's white Ferrari. Nice touch.
      RIP Anton Rodgers.

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