Do you need a cofounder for your startup? | WSGR Startup Basics

In the early stages of your startup, do you need a co-founder? Who is the right person and what kind of prior relationship should I have? Is it useful for fundraising? And if you're not a technical person, how do you convince a coding ninja to get on board?

In a new series this week in Startups, Jason Calacanis tackles common questions in Startup Basics, presented by WSGR. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Jason has been on both sides of the table. Now share your advice with yourself in short segments, centered on a question. In addition, the key investor advice become coach Jerry Colonna and VC Mark Suster.

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    Do you need a cofounder for your startup? | WSGR Startup Basics

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    1. Hello!

      Can someone explain the process of adding a Co-Founder?

      Does he/she needs to invest in the existing business to acquire the Co-Founder Tag?

    2. I need a minor cofounder i. e. 1% (to start)
      All I'd need is .00000000000000000001%
      of the work done, which is a great deal. I
      am open to more, should the cofounder
      want to do more. Where do I find people
      to interview? Thanks in advance, Peace

    3. Perfect! Jason, you confirm what I've been saying all this time. Seeking a Co-founder / Partner is like marriage. Myself I don't want to wait until my startup get up and running then look for a Co-founder and discover my vision and potential partner idea are clashing. I want him or her to get to know me and form a business relationship for a successful startup.

    4. I'm a solo founder and it's great to see illustrious leaders like Jason and Mark call out the cofounder ideas as a bit of myth… and is a lonely journey til there's some real traction.

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