Drug Discount Card Business Opportunity Explained Part1

The drug discount card business that has it all

We are a national administrator of pharmacy benefits for the drug discount card. Now, I'm sure you've seen your share of the pharmacy discount cards, right? Well, I wanted to let you know that not all the cards are the same.

The problem with most of these cards is because they are simply private label programs from larger providers. And, those providers are PBMs (pharmacy benefit administrators) so that they only provide a benefit for their uninsured people, which only erodes their cash business. But what's worse, most charge extravagant third-party fees and pay pharmacies negligible dispensing fees just as they do with their funded programs.

Our drug discount card is unique because it can provide a benefit to your clients, including those who have prescription drug benefits. Because our company is not a large part of a PBM, we have no conflict in providing the insured with the same benefits. If the insured person has a generic co-payment of $ 10 or more, our price will probably be less than the co-payment of the insurance policy 70% of the time. After that, everyone wins. Your client saves money along with your pharmacy benefits in two ways: you build customer loyalty by saving money and, even though you are charging less, you get more net income because we pay a better dispensation rate than PBM, we go through all Rebates negotiated unlike PBM, so we charge the smallest administrative fees from third parties in the business. In addition, our card works with all pet medications, which means that your customers can complete their pet scripts here that have a human equivalent instead of being overly overloaded at the veterinary clinic.

We have been distributing our drug discount card locally to individuals, businesses and healthcare providers, and we have tried to attract website visitors to you through our Internet-driven Google search engine. Where you are in a high place if we do a search within this zip code, so you need to start seeing our cards soon.

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Video credits to LYCA SMITH TV YouTube channel

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    Drug Discount Card Business Opportunity Explained Part1

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