Economic Development: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

State and local governments offer large financial incentives to attract employers to their part of the country. John Oliver explains what communities receive, or often do not receive, in return.

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    Economic Development: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Comments 50

    1. Actually, they were on that boat because whoever wrote the story was dumb enough to think that two animals could repopulate an entire species.

    2. Talk about zionism cause has few blood in their hands. Thank you. Criticise the lost innocence lives. They have more value that your laughter. Be real

    3. This is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but what the fuck:

      Why are people blaming corporations for this? The perverse incentive lies at the heart of short-term focus amongst politicians:
      – throw money to "create" jobs
      – brag about it during voting season
      – get elected and stay in office

      Corporations, like everyone else, are self-interested. People would claim their Roombas as depends to pay lower taxes if they could, that's just how we are. The key lies in doing something (god knows what) to change the incentives for politicians to become more long-term focused

    4. His conclusion is sound, but as things stand now…good luck with that!
      Businesses spend a great deal of money on politicians to do stupid shit for business at the expense of their constituents because according to their ideology, business is always good and government is always bad, and it takes a lot of money to keep this corrupt game going.
      New Democrats like the Clintons are identical to the scummiest Paul Ryan or Newt Gingrich type.
      Remember all those "no-bid" contracts during the Iraq War? That was handing a blank check to Mr. Burns and saying, "just fill-in whatever you think is fair."
      People have to stay focused and fight back. If during an election the populists are accused of being against "Freedom," they have to dig-in and say, "Freedom to do what exactly?? What are you defending by that word? Define your terms!"
      This model we're currently living under is Fascism folks; an incestuous collusion of Big Business and Big Government. As George Carlin said, "It's a club. And you're not in it."
      Too big to fail needs to stop and these monopolies need to be broken-up big-time.

    5. It’s obvious Mr Oliver doesn’t understand this subject. The state isn’t spending money from tax payers at all. It’s merely not collecting taxes from the company that locates there. In return the company provides new jobs that contribute payroll taxes that weren’t there before. Also, the employees of that company spend their pay checks locally on rent, food, gas, etc. Which is all spending that would not have happened if the company hadn’t moved there.

    6. Politicians love tax credits for "creating" jobs because it doesn't take any effort, requires no imagination and they can brag about "creating jobs" at the next election. They could care less about actually creating jobs…they only care about appearing to create jobs.

    7. Genuinely thought John was crowbarring in a promo for Entourage … and then he just shades it into oblivion XD

      Also, 6:00 … DINOSAUR??? On Noah's Arc??? Ffs, Christianity, make up your mind! :/

    8. I think those people have some kind of Tourette's Syndromes by having to say, jobs, jobs, jobs
      They sound more like robots than anything…

    9. I get their Hiring Policy’s its a Christian thing and they want you to respect their religion and i Do get why they do it. Its against their religion

    10. Most people in America did drugs at an early age and didn't officially quit and became socialist automatons contolled by a media that has no actual authority. Big media is not the government and captitalism is not a 9 to 5 and retire venue. I'm not a mindless zombie who lives in fear. These are not just channels you sign up for, you have to actually play the game before you get them. It's like just showing up to Greenwich Village and expecting to be a chess master because someone just thinks your special. Well, how did they "get in there" buddy? Those kind of people think you just sign up for doctor classes and they let you in. You're not going to make it. If it's not the instructions then they don't get it. Especially in science and engineering. School is not enough. In fact most information is not is textbooks. Textbooks are that time you have to pass ALL your other research. I don't work from textbooks much.

    11. I like how everyone is blaming the companies when they should be blaming politicians and more importantly, themselves. Politicians only participate in company bidding to get jobs for their constituencies. And they only get jobs for their constituencies because their constituencies, us, think jobs are awesome. It's not the company's fault, their just doing business, blame the politicians and our insatiable desire for jobs.

    12. This is just telling me to move to the US and become a "movie producer", shitting out garbage straight-to-Netflix productions while living of the state incentives.

    13. Sure, no taxation at all. Ask GOP members of Congress and the anti-taxation conservatives who work in current administration now if they are willing to work for free since their current salaries come from the taxes we pay.

    14. Jobs or Bloow Jobs 45 Billion dollars??? how much money NASA gets again?? how much money the education get again?? how much money people pay for a university loan again??

    15. 13:43 "and i don t fully blame the companies for this" it makes some sense to not blame them "fully", but keep in mind that they do pay for some of these politician's campaigns and they spend lots on lobbying.. so its not like the politicians wake up and say "which company can i give subsidies to today?!"
      so they have a pretty cozy relationship with these politicians.. so they should at least get partial blame!

    16. Fix the education system so people can learn just whats needed to know how to make one of the following products survival products, food, water purifier, shelter, sanitation, medical, plumber, electriction, communication, transportation, navigation, defense and get good paying jobs, A house and car before 18yr old.
      Let everyone have one acre of free tax free fertile land to grow a food forest on and live on.

      If people r smart enough to make things let them make things then they can teach others to make it then they can become skilled labor and increase chance of getting job or be self employed or start a bussiness and employeer.

    17. Go Vegan, What the health! Yes I want everyone to embrace it, if people simply go vegan even selfishly for their personal benefit it will still be very good for them and for their nation. Would love if popular celebrities like John Oliver embraces it 🙂 Feliz Navidad!! Happy New Year!!

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