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If you are looking to move from poor to millionaire with an online business, then this video is for you. The truth is that not many know how to start an online business, but you can do it easily with affiliate marketing, e-commerce and direct shipping with Shopify. This video does not teach you how to start an online business or work from home, but it will teach you the importance of starting a business online safely.

Most entrepreneurs are looking for business ideas online, but they do not know where to start and that is why Samir Chibane decided to record this video. Samir always wanted to learn how to earn money online until he discovered direct shipping and started an online business by directly shipping Ali Express products online.

Starting a million-dollar business or an Internet company in general is easier than ever because there are so many online business ideas that you can immerse yourself in. If you are starting an online business, Samir recommends you start by looking for a home business without a doubt.

If you like the shipping of Shopify and want to enter Amazon FBA, like Tanner J Fox, it teaches you how to easily sell on Amazon. You can watch his video here:

I also recommend that you watch the Alex Becker channel because he knows a lot about marketing and is an epic business coach from whom you can learn:

Tai Lopez also has very good information on how to earn money online, social media marketing and marketing in general if you are a new entrepreneur looking to make money online today:

Also visit Deadbeat's Super Affiliate channel to get affiliate marketing tutorials and online business ideas in which you can participate:


Samir Chibane is a university deserter who became a young entrepreneur who went from bankruptcy to a million with his online business, all thanks to internet marketing like many other entrepreneurs. He was able to do it with online marketing, Facebook advertising and e-commerce. She has murdered Shopify with her Shopify store to make money from home and also earn money while traveling. Samir is committed to documenting how to make money online and share his journey of building an online business to millions. He hopes to touch millions of young entrepreneurs through their personal struggles, failures and successes.

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Video credits to Samir Chibane YouTube channel

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    Comments 45

    1. Great work guys! Samir, Tais work and mentorship has really helped you transform your life and you now are helping to pass on that wealth of knowledge and it's so awesome to see. Feeling inspired by your hustle and new successful endeavors. Great work!! Would love a blueprint or what ever else you got to share. I'm in the verge of being a single mom and going through the toughest transition yet in life and all I want it to succeed, hustle and soar! Blessings and best wishes

    2. everyone can become a millionaire sure if you start any kind of business ( e-commerce , affiliate marketing cpa … ) as a business i mean you should invest money and more money to collect data invest in softwares that experts use then you will win the game that's is it no courses no fucking secrets no books no more questions on google just start everyone want to make 1m$ but no one focus on make 10$ as start, learn to walk before running

    3. Is there anyone who's bought his course and wants to trade logins? I recently bought the Tai Lopez SMMA course (really good) so I don't have the funds to buy Samir's course as well, but really do want to follow it. Anyone willing to get access to the Tai course and in return I get access to Samir's course?

    4. • My biggest question is how much exactly you had to spend on facebooks ads to convert?
      Everyone has their own tweaks to make things work, but I’ve seen a lot of drop-shippers start on Amazon with small investments, hit it off & then use shopify to be able to spend bigger amounts to test Facebook ads

    5. , hey Samir like listeniing to you i am vegetarian so likethe fact that you are vegan too,…lately you dont give tips why? like in the begining when you did facebook ads and so…pls give tips? tanks 🙂

    6. Bro you really went from 0$ – 1mil in 1 year huh? Mutha fuckin inspiration right there! Bout to buy your course and get working! Keep it up man, you're going far!🔥 Chibane gang🔥

    7. Samir, congrats on ur success. I really do need help and mentorship for my shopify store, but i am so confused.. so many people with these kinds of courses. Btw, some people on instagram named dropship2go has a similar picture of sales as as u
      Look them up!! Have they used ur pic?? They claim its theirs. These things makes trust issues

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