G20 summit is an opportunity for Trump-Xi to reach agreement: Craig Allen

The President of the United States-China Business Council, Craig Allen, discusses how the G20 summit presents a great opportunity for President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to reach a trade agreement.

Video credits to Fox Business YouTube channel

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    G20 summit is an opportunity for Trump-Xi to reach agreement: Craig Allen

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    1. Is US paying China gold for all the real and tangible goods that China ship to US? No. US just pays China with fiat paper money. In fact it is not even paper money. It is just a digital records in some computer. Why would China keep sending goods to US? Of course it is for the technology and productivity methods. This is the unwritten rule of the engagement between US and China. US gets free stuff. And China gest to learn technology so it can MAKE MORE FREE STUFF for US. Now we have a different narrative?

    2. Dear friends! if we talk about the relationships between us and China ,we have to take a look this first !
      Snowden !famous female spies!cuban missile crisis!!!!!intervention of internal affairs!!!!!!!murder in London !!!!!!Ukraine……….who caused those problems ?obviously everyone knows it and it is also the only country will get benefit from massive US -CHINA conflict ! that was why they wanted trump become the president !and they know trump is a professional liar and he will follow any order from his “owner”!!there r lots of evidence show that putin helped trump during the election ,but responds from trump to this question is always “denying “or changing the topic directly to China or Chinese ,in fact there is not evidence at all shows China has been involved in this case ….
      Another thing I have noticed there r plenty number of Russian spies “SWIMMING”in the comment section where the topic is related to Chinese us relationship !

    3. Kevin mas , U r fucking everywhere ,hahaaaaa seems like posting the heated comments towards to Chinese has become a Daily job for u !u r definitely a hard working Russian spy !!!but the way u behave is just like a slut pussy !well if u hate Chinese that much go on the street and killl them then !

    4. Starve these americans, they cant even feed their poor and zero healthcare for the poor in the US. Mass shootings occur every month. Lawless society that is pretty common among failed states like central american countries and africa. One they lose petrodollar, the US status will be like Brazil.

    5. American can go f themselves, what trade deal? With who? 300million poor trailer dwellers having trade war with 1.5billion consumers who are ready to buy everything? Now get back to your hut and start grow my soybean or eat it yourself you peasant loser.

    6. Most new ideas come from China. Driving the strong growth in global filings was an exceptional number of filings in China. The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) received 1.3 million patent applications in 2016 – more than the combined total for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO; 605,571), the Japan Patent Office (JPO; 318,381), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO; 208,830) and the European Patent Office (EPO; 159,358). Together, these top five offices accounted for 84% of the world total in 2016.

    7. americans can keep their jobs for the benefit of american workers. The goods are shipped to america are to the benefit of american consumers. And of no benefit to Chinese workers and consumers because the goods produced are not consumed by Chinese workers. The Chinese production base is still better of used for military spending than for exports.


    9. China steal ideas inventions and technology, they are cheats and thrives, imagine inventing something,you make a business out of it, you become famous, but then china copies you and rip off your idea right down to the name

    10. That association, which the guest plays a leadership role in, has it's sights on protecting American BUSINESS interests in and related to China. He certainly is not saying anything that helps either American workers in the US or, for example, justice in a broader sense. They're a rogue regime, they have been since the day we started trading with them.

    11. "G20 summit is an opportunity for Trump-Xi to reach agreement"

      Another agreement like the one earlier this year, when Trump accepted a $500 million bribe (plus 32 copyrights for Ivankie) from China to not push US sanctions on ZTE? No thanks, Bone Spur.

    12. China will always post surpluses and trump will always post deficits. If a deal is signed and none of this changes. trump would be a traitor to his own people.

    13. I thought China uses China post
      The EMS service in China (People's Rep.) is China EMS, part of China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd which is China (People's Rep.) designated universal postal service provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities worldwide. China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd was founded in 1985 and joined the EMS Cooperative in 1999. China EMS delivers EMS seven days of the week.

    14. Jesus, this puss is in charge of something… the world is laughing at us so hard these days… we need to start throwing down hammers.. this half wit will get no respect period.. I would run right over this guy if I was dealing with him..

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