Great Idea but Little Capital? Don’t Let That Hold You Back. | Business Ideas No Capital

Business Ideas No Capital

Here are eight strategies to build your business with sweat equity. Read more in:

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    Great Idea but Little Capital? Don’t Let That Hold You Back. | Business Ideas No Capital

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    1. thanks this idea would help me start up soon. and true my capital is not so much that makes me hold up to this moment to start

    2. I don't know if you'd consider it a full blown business, but I've been working to build a brand with my DIY cocktails on social media and YouTube. Very slow getting started, but I am pretty much breaking even now so that's good enough for me at the moment. I mainly do it for the enjoyment.

    3. it's a challenge running a business when you don't have a car or automobile, and your products need to be delivered.

    4. I have a painting business. its tough. I have my unique style but its hard to find my target audience. But I havent quit. I keep going

    5. LOL so what this means is if you only got like $50,000.00 – $100,000.00 for your startup. GET REAL trash video.

    6. I'm working to open the first of many club memberships called Otaku Club House, and it is not going well…but I am not giving up.

    7. I'm working to open the first of many club memberships called Otaku Club House, and it is not going well…but I am not giving up.

    8. Hellow Everyone!

      I am so excited after watch this video, But i am still dont understand about Sweat Equity. Can you Explain to me about that?


    9. Going through it now but I am sure of my knowledge and great ideas. I also believe in my team. Looking for $100,000.USD start up. Call if interested. Company registered. Call Texroy Elliott at 1-876-297-7769. Diamond in the dirt. I'm sure i have everything it takes to be successful. Best investment. I agree with your advice.

    10. I have started my software development company named Noivo Tech Pvt. Ltd. with just what I had in hand…

    11. Entrepreneur has always been a source of comfort for me. I am 18 years old, and own my own clothing company called Nocturnal Studios. We design and sell apparel. It's been hard to build my brand, but I will not give up! This is great advice as always, and I am always looking to the future. 

    12. I'm a part of a team that is dedicated to collaborating and working towards affiliate marketing of products that will help small businesses.  At the same time, I have my own ventures going on such as writing novels and working on informational ebooks that are short and to the point.  Also have started a business to help companies find their why and help them create a campaign around that why because I firmly believe that the Why Campaign is the single most important campaign of a companies career.  One of my goals is to help create Leaders and strive towards a continuing education.  Live Long and Prosper or Die Young.  I choose to live.  Bring on the challenges.  What is your biggest challenge right now?

    13. Sweat equity! Ive started a vehicle vinyl wrap company and sweat equity is exactly what we have right now. First official month is over and boy was it rough, but we will NOT quit! Coldcalling is just something that must be done, hustling is key. Great motivational video

    14. Great advice I am starting a business designing training resources for non-clinical mental health support staff. The three first steps don't require too much money. 1 – set up a wordpress based site using digitalocean cloud hosting, 2 – Writing the training resources, 3 – Using gumroad to sell them. Doable with very little money but lots and lots of sweat equity.

    15. Just what I need, iw got tons of ideas. One is free and easy pure energy making idea, but I have no idea how to make them happen, who to trust and so on…

    16. Social Media is probably the best tool for building a brand with no money. If you use it correctly it's so valuable.

    17. I am doing that right now. It is very stressful. I don't have capital to start the company at all.My Business is a Social Based. I am going to sell a product online and I am going to provide School Supplies to children in need helping their future education.  I need to purchase inventory and I am going to use my credit card to buy at least something to start. Once I start selling I am going to utilize my revenue to buy more inventory. But all in this video is correct and I appreciate your help as always. 

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