GTA Online Business Consolidation Update NEW Information – Collecting Cargo, Base Delivering & MORE!

GTA Online Business Consolidation Update NEW Information – Collecting Cargo, Delivering Base and MORE!
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NEW FunMW2 information on a feature of the next DLC in GTA Online!

I uploaded this video before Yan & # 39; s Tweet in Nightclubs comes to GTA Online!

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I hope you enjoyed this video! See you next time! ✌🏻

Video credits to MrBossFTW YouTube channel

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    GTA Online Business Consolidation Update NEW Information – Collecting Cargo, Base Delivering & MORE!

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    1. I still have yet to hear anything that actually consolidates businesses on any of the videos that supposedly are about just that topic. I just want the ability to take a financial hit and hire some clown to deliver things for me, hit me with a dice roll on if they make it or not, take 90%. Whatever just let me make somthing off them rather then shutter them.

    2. This should be an option. I like the whole MC and CEO Stuff seperated. I hope its only an option.

    3. Yo MrBossFTW, whatever happened to the Special Crate Drops, i haven't seen one pop up for a long while, in fact kinda thinking about it, i haven't seen a Armored truck pop up online for awhile either. I wonder what happened to them.

    4. Geez only way the game will be good again is a map expansion, its free and you dont have to spend like 3 mil for a business that you'll make like only 1 mil from

    5. stop milking the game half this is fake and you make like 10000000000000000000000 dollars a video four times a day uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    6. for once I agree with Ross…battle royals usually end up costing more thru ammo than you receive in payment

    7. So I have a question for you have a been a GTA online gamer since day one when it came out and I’ve been cleaning ever cents for years nonstop anyways my biggest confusion that nobody seems to have an question I hope that you can answer for me since nobody else can probably this is probably one out of 1 million chances that you’ll actually answer but why did they screw up the cargo Bob are used to lift up anything now it barely lift some tanks off the ground or in this case vans

    8. Yo me boss for the win seriously bro just make 1 damn video for what you find out the real dlc will be rather than blowing up my YouTube feed

    9. Can anyone give me money in gta ? I’m on Xbox one and I really want some money . Earning it is hard 🙁

    10. What if they made all different types so people could grab what they wanted to get for example they could have 10 bunker supplies cars 10 etc so everyone hsd a good chancd ti bring something to there business

    11. But there are still 2 places for weapons by the gun store one is obiously for the Firework canon but what are they gonne do with the other one (sorry for mystakes i’m from the netherlands and my phone want that I talk netherlands) please let me know and good luck in the futere and I hope you are having a Nice day

    12. I think rockstar Should focus on plagers (modders or hackers) that greef because they are focusing on players with like 300 billion and those people aren’t really hurting anyone

    13. Consolidation of businesses would be pretty handy, it would be nice to manage everything from one location instead of driving all over the map and using up time you could be using to run other supply missions or sales. More efficiency would really be nice, but knowing rockstar and their greed they will likely do the opposite and make it more difficult and time consuming to make money.

    14. Your channel sucks but if this is true then they defos needa add more music. The stations get stale just like your channel

    15. Well if gaming is gonna be different versions of battle royale from now on, im done with gaming. Fortnite and pubg suck

    16. A new electric type dance music station will be added if there is a club DLC. Maybe it will be Electro Choc or a brand new DLC.

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