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    1. Double cash done all business full product all upgrades had 3 friends help 1hour 15 got 2 mill 793 thou

    2. good info but i totally disagree on the elysian island location it has been great for me, especially with the auto warehouse i consistently sell cars for full price with no damage by taking the rail road tracks located right on the island

    3. How much money could I make in the cocaine business in like a week (irl) without the max upgrades?

    4. I was gonna say if this was MrBossFTW doing this I legit would have commented GO SUCK A D**

    5. Someone please answer my question: if I buy all the upgrades, how much supply will create 1-2 bar of product? I need to know because I’m a solo player so I need to manage between MC and CEO.

    6. Good lookn out on all of yo money grindn videos. I only been playing for 2 months and I'm balln! I can make a million any day thanks to your info.

    7. You've got no clue what you're talking about on supplies.

      For starters, you have it backwards on when to steal vs buy. Businesses stop producing product while you're stealing supplies. If you take half an hour to fill up your coke lab, that's $42K worth of coke that's not being produced. So when you're solo it's better to buy supplies and focus on CEO work (crates and cars) instead. When you should steal is if you have friends with you, because then there's more supplies to steal in each steal mission. It doesn't matter where the supplies come from because they produce the same amount of product.

      Or if you're lazy, you can buy supplies, let the supplies lower a bit at each business, then buy supplies again for $15K. Then you get on the security monitors or a TV and idle for two hours. Two hours is how long it takes coke to run out of supplies when fully upgraded. Then when you back up, you'll get a text from LJT about supplies, and you'll see he's given you a full resupply even though you just paid $15K. This is because you don't get your MC supplies until you get the text, so if you delay that by watching TV or playing a contact mission, you're getting more supplies for your money and the business is still making product during this time. Sadly this doesn't work for the bunker unless you idle in a contact mission by putting a rubber band around your controller or something.

      If you're gonna sell solo it's better to just lower your MTU and adjust your router so you get solo sessions. Then you just wait until the business is full and sell then. Except for the Post Op vans it's totally possible to sell alone in every sale vehicle type, assuming you're located in Sandy Shores.

      When solo you really want to be focusing on CEO work as much as possible because that will make you the most money. Stealing supplies and doing small sale runs eats up too much of that time.

      By the way, only coke and meth are worth running I'd say. When buying supplies (which as I've explained is generally the way to go), the profit margins are just too small for cash, weed, and documents. It takes about 20-30 minutes to sell a full business solo. In the same time frame you could steal and sell two high end cars easily for like $160K profit. Those three businesses won't make you that much money, so you'd be better off not doing them.

    8. How much stock ( in money not bars) for 1 vehicle to sell , this week is double money , so I know when its not its 80-84k for cocaine but right now whats the most u can have the stock as for 1 vehicle sale

    9. Hey man can you tell me which mission is best for a solo player? Export and Import Vehicles or MC business?

    10. Great video. Only one thing i kinda disagree.
      When u said that, for u, u prefer to start in the city to sell upstate yeah that works with your method, but for those who wanna do this solo with full product, that can go wrong cuz if the rest of the product stays in city, it is more vulnerable to other players. But yeah, with your method, that's not a problem at all.
      Keep up the good work =)

    11. I play solo usually and I have to slightly disagree regarding supplies. For me buying supplies for the cocaine business will get you a full bar giving you 126 or 168k return (selling Los Santos) It’s usually one vehicle occasionally 2 but unless you’re really unlucky and get 2 post op vans the delivery missions are easy. 2 boats, planes or helicopters are fine and even 2 bin wagons isn’t the end of the world. As I have bunker, special cargo and import export I rotate through those while bunker and cocaine process. I gave up on the other MC businesses as it’s not worthwhile.

    12. I got another dirty trick for you Ty. If you have only one guy helping you make him a VP. When you need the Buzzard that you can make him a road captain at a moment's notice and he can get the Buzzard then you turn him back into a VP so he can still get the bigger payout.

    13. Thanks for this video. It will really help me out with in my early stages of MC business

    14. Good vid man, I do MC solo. 2 steal missions, do a MC mission, do sight seer, sale blue or yellow truck, coke should be done, sell coke, rinse and repeat. DO NOT BUY SUPPLIES solo. Its ALL PROFIT that way. Some guy said sell high end car to compensate the 75,000, lol why? You are doing extra for nothing. We are criminals steal that shit. Ty man your subs not trying to stay dangerous outchea

    15. Since the patch that removed the raids my Cocaine business is not producing anything with full supplies. I have shut it down and restarted, still no product after over 10 hrs of playing.

    16. The best clubhouses r the ones close to the beach, because you can spawn your personal aircraft's there.

      The best business location is the cheapest ones, in blanie county. Because the Sell missions r alot shorter and its a smaller risk.

    17. You seem like a decent guy but before a video and inside your lobby as a random well… not rude hell you were helpful to that one guy but come on I'm mature tell me not to kill you I will do that but well I guess it's for the vid (this isn't a rant just my ideas) but helpful video

    18. I own most of the MC Business in Blaine County since the ones in Los Santos are terrible locations.

    19. If your playing solo just buy supplies till Its full example: if you have cocaine you buy suppl. Three times (220,000) but you sell for 420,000 (With all upgrades) so you make a profit (about 200,000) for doing nothing else than invest some money and wait. And if you get a bad sell mission just change sessions. The good ones are helicopters, bikes, boats, trailer and planes.
      Edit: i have made about 4,000,000 doing this and thats only one business. Ka-ching 💵💵
      And i forgot to say this but dont buy full supplies With the bunker Its almost impossible unless u get 2 phantom wedges

    20. It seems to me that it makes more sense to buy supplies if you are by yourself and steal supplies if you have friends playing with you. If you steal supplies by yourself it will take minimum 3 steal missions to get full supplies, and 5 at max. If you have 2 people it will take between 1-3 steal missions. If you have 3 people it will take 1 or 2.

      I have the car I/E, the bunker, and a coke place. I play half the time alone, half with the one friend who still plays GTA. If I buy supplies for the bunker and coke place, I then go do a headhunter mission, steal a car, sell a car, do headhunter again and that's 120 grand in 25 or so minutes. Then I steal another car, do a headhunter, sell a car, then do another headhunter and that's another 120 grand in 25 or so more minutes.

      So let's say I spent 150 grand on my bunker and coke place to resupply, but I've still made a profit of 90 K in 45 minutes. After 2-2.5 hours, I can sell my bunker for 210 K and my coke place for 126, giving me 426 K in profits alone, and that's IF I don't do anything more than sell 2 cars and do 4 headhunter missions.

      If I'm trying to make as much money as possible, I'll steal cars and do headhunter missions staggered with each other for 2 hours while my bunker and coke places make product. Lets say I change it to selling 2 cars an hour with 4 headhunter missions, that puts me at: 20, 80, 20, 20, 80, 20, 20, 80, 20, 20, 80, 20. This adds up to 480 K over 2 hours or so while waiting for my stock to build.

      If I decide to steal all of my supplies while doing it solo, it will be more frustrating and take a while. Just think of some of the coke missions to resupply. If you get the armored car missions you have to make your way into Los Santos (I'm at the Alamo Sea), find the one with the supplies, then drive it incredibly slowly back. That could take you 15-20 minutes by itself for 2 bars of supplies. In that same amount of time I can at minimum steal and sell a car which covers 5 bars of supplies no problem. Then I can take the rest of the time to do headhunters and steal more cars to sell.

    21. Perfect timing ty just got clubhouse today and needed some tips thanks; p.s great vid as always.

    22. When it comes to changes, they pretty much dhont get any better than this. Raids were the biggest problem of biker businesses and gunrunning and the only reason i stopped doing them. They sucked (and not in a good way). So now i can finally see them as a fair method to earn money with this unexpected (gambling) feature removed. Starting them back up tonight.

    23. I haven't done a lot of research but if you buy supplies for weed and counterfeit once you are ok. You make the same as if it were full, in the longrun. And you can sell solo. So at least for those two you sell solo and buy ince. The weed business makes around 50 k profit, and the counterfeit cash I can't remember. But that is the best way.

    24. I have the coke, meth and weed businesses rolling and do pretty well but the upkeep can add up and cost a fortune!

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