GTA Online NEW Kingpin Business DLC, The FINAL GTA 5 Update, NEW Flying Vehicles & MORE! (GTA V QNA)

GTA Online NEW Kingpin Business DLC, FINAL update GTA 5, NEW flying vehicles and MORE! (GTA V QNA)
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My QnA video talks about NEW Kingpin Business DLC, the FINAL GTA 5 update, NEW flying vehicles and MORE!

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I hope you enjoyed this video! See you next time! ✌🏻

Video credits to MrBossFTW YouTube channel

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    GTA Online NEW Kingpin Business DLC, The FINAL GTA 5 Update, NEW Flying Vehicles & MORE! (GTA V QNA)

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    1. GTA Online NEW Kingpin Business DLC, The FINAL GTA 5 Update, NEW Flying Vehicles & MORE QNA!

    2. is it my computer or when he gets into the CEO office fps starts to drop like hell?

    3. If GTA VI come in 2021 the R* can't have updates for RDR2 all this time… i think the DLCs stop in 2019

    4. I'm certain that rockstar needs to let us buy more properties because of all the cars they at releasing

    5. I like that rockstar aded the old flash from San andreas and the old stratum with the lyveris and the body kits from San andreas

    6. hi Mrboss! I have heard of you but just recently subscribed. I just got gta 5 for the Xbox one s on Easter and am starting out in gta online, got any tips for starting out? (I’m already lvl 12 btw)

    7. if ya have`nt figured it out yet, he works for em!! Don`t troll him and he`ll disappear….simple

    8. "What do you think will be the name of the next DLC?" Wow, you are not afraid to take the tough questions!

    9. Dude, please. Calm down. Is there going to be more Mark II weapons? And maybe Cameo Weapons from Bully, L.A. Noire, and Manhunt?

    10. GTA ONLINE updates will not stop till GTA6 comes out. Its Marketing stradegy because of Fortnite and Pubg..

    11. RDR2 will not have the big impact that R* will be hoping for, so GTA Online will not be over yet. They can't make anywhere near the amount of money they make from GTA Online. There are only so many horse's you will be able to buy, along with guns and outfits…etc. As it is set in an era of limited scope. Where as GTA has so many options and directions they can go in.

    12. For all the douches that are dissing him even though he's one of the GTA YouTubers that doesn't lie and this video is most likely a joke anyway seen as it is April first

    13. They won’t stop updates after rdr2 this game has way to big of fan base and way to big of a money maker. …….

    14. MrBossFTW how do you get ur gta cash, u'v sold less than 2M from I/E. Do you buy shark cards?

    15. according to you and other you tubers, the final DCL was suppose to be Gunrunning. please stop it with the Final DLC bs… disliked….

    16. Hey mrboss I think gta 5 should have Custom heists for a new update because it would be really cool do you think that would be nice for a update

    17. MrClickbaitforthewin is gonna run out of ways to milk GTA 5 and Make videos about top 10 things you need to know about the grass in gta 5

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