High Profit Papaya Farming Business Idea 2018 | Papaya Cultivation | Earn money at home | in telugu

Idea of ​​high performance papaya farms business 2018 | Papaya cultivation | Earn money at home | in Telugu


In this video you will learn business about papaya, papaya, variety or papaya cultivation. Ideas for small companies and investment plans. This is the best opportunity for everyone who wants to start a business with a low level of investment. Because its demand is very high in the market.
This is an agricultural business idea. Its parts are usable, for example, papaya as fruit, leaf as papaya juice and papaya juice. There are many varieties of papaya. All varieties of papaya seeds are available in India.

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17.Papaya agricultural business

If you search Google for "Papaya Growing Company", your result ends here.
So this is the only video you should see to start the papaya / papaya cultivation of low investment high profitability in Telugu.

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    High Profit Papaya Farming Business Idea 2018 | Papaya Cultivation | Earn money at home | in telugu

    Comments 46

    1. Mee abba Estada 30 ripe for kg sollu chepaku me mu 5years nuchi cultivation chestunnam yedava sollu chepi janalanu yarri … Chestunnaru

    2. More research on agriculture farming …the viewed one is so good am planing to plant 1/2 then I will improve it….I am a son former so please do more videos on agriculture

    3. Anthaledu mastaru, mahaayithe
      1 or 2 laks vastayi gani, 20 ekkadi nunchi vastundi, nuvvu gani istava
      Sodi cheppaku

    4. Don't think that people seeing these videos are fools. Don't upload this type of videos.

    5. Chetta nakodaka 4 yrs nunchi papayya cultivate chestunna 4 acres lo nv cheppina profit vaste naa land neeku ichesta

    6. అరె 1400 మొక్కలు ఇక్కడ పెట్టాలి 1ఎకరంలా నీ చెత్త నాయల తెలిసిందీ చెప్పు లేకుంటే నోరు మూసుకొని కూర్చో ఇరవై లక్షల రూపాయల వస్తాయా ఎకరానికి

    7. ree jaffa 20laks vasthe nuvv videos endhku chestav land rante ku tisukuni nevve yasthav kadhre sollu vadhu views kosam nuvv chetha videolu cheyaku

    8. Ore chetha naaa koda….ka. and chepthunav. video lo chupe seen amiti ra Laja kodaka thaahi vaagadam kadu

    9. dup information nuvvu 1acre papaya cultivate cheysi,marketing cheysi,marala video release cheyyai nee anubaavalu cheyppu

    10. Who is buyer? What about marketing?any agencies are available?and we can't planted more than 3 hundred

    11. HI friends, good opportunity for earning money per week 1000-100000,one time investment below 5000 Only,
      Main requriments :laptop or computer
      For any details contact or msg 9000098055

    12. Chetha ganiva ra ….20 laks eda vastayi ra …ne sollu apu baga ekkuva karutundhi

    13. wholesale rate cheppu ra jaffa. money meedha concentrate cheyakunda video chese mundhu correct details kanukko ra.

    14. be try try chestene anubhavam vastundhi

      idhi bhaga sradha chese panta
      seed shewing to fruit sale varaku market lo update ayye vadiki matrame idhi corect

    15. ikkada evaru deni market nirnainchaleru

      goverment nirneetha daralu prakatinchi amalu cheyochu
      market bhaga up and downs untai papaya ki
      idhi lotery type crop
      idhi nenu anubhavam tho cheppedhi virus attak ayyaka miru entha pettubadi pettina labhalu raavu appulu vastai tirigi intiki

    16. brother video good
      but r u former
      r u forming papaya

      haaaaa….. brother papayaa ki vether cooperation bhaga avasaram
      nenu 3 yrs 10 acera vesamu

    17. west video niku evvadu esthunnadu 1kg ki 30 rupees 1fruit cost 10 rupees niku 1 kg 30 rupees evvadu esthadayya sell chesi chupinchu haa cost ki

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