Hillary Clinton in 2011: Iraq is a Business Opportunity

"It's time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity," he said in a 2011 speech.

Thanks to David Sirota for finding the quote:

Video credits to iHomerSH YouTube channel

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    Hillary Clinton in 2011: Iraq is a Business Opportunity

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    1. She said this well into the wars started by George W Bush and his administration. Quit making her the scapegoat of your anger!!!

    2. People aren't thinking critically.

      Hillary was trying to incentivize U.S. corporations to go to Iraq and help rebuild the country after Iraq had been devastated by years of sectarian conflict following the invasion.

      Most U.S. companies simply are not interested in setting up affiliates in a WAR ZONE.
      If you wanna get companies to do the right thing you have to speak in a language they understand…..MONEY.

    3. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you aren't voting for Trump, you're voting for more of this disgusting warmongering behavior.
      A vote for a third party is just a vote to be stolen by Hillary.

    4. Please UNDERSTAND, people, that as a Radical Feminist, Hillary Clinton has NO problem with carving up/tearing down other cultures, REGIME CHANGE, and fighting/STARTING whatever wars are necessary in order to accomplish that (in spite of who dies in the process)… and the financial incentives of the billions that can be made there are obviously another huge motivation for her (and for Israel, who she's teamed with). The liberal feminists in Israel, as WELL as the greedy corporate types both see advantages to tearing down Islamic cultures, and that's why they have virtually no chance of surviving, except in a world where the US and Israel were more isolationist, and focused on minding their own business and tending to affairs within their own countries. That's not going to happen, and Clinton EMBODIES both the Radical Feminist AND the Greedy Corporate, so her desire to destabilize (and destroy) those countries if necessary, is as great as anyone's, and greater than most. What a feminist legacy!!! Destroying Patriarchal Muslim societies and promoting the spread of Radical Feminism everywhere!!! Look for CONTINUING and probably ESCALATING wars in the Middle East if she becomes president. You can kill people with bombs and drone attacks, but it takes ideas to destroy other ideas… and apart from the genocide of a billion Muslims, there will always be resistance.

    5. Why don't you actually look at the speech IN CONTEXT. She also says, "President Obama and I and our government believe strongly that expanding economic opportunity is as essential as building democratic institutions. We think they go hand in hand. And in particular, it’s very important for people going through the changes that are sweeping the region and that Iraq has, in many ways, been a leader in demonstrating, to believe and to see that democracy delivers: Is your life better or not? Do your children have a better opportunity or not?

      And this is clearly not a job for government alone. It is a very important partnership that has to be forged. Businesses like those represented here at this table create jobs, provide livelihoods, increase standards of living, give hope to individuals and their families. And what government should do, whether it’s in the United States or in Iraq, is to be a good partner, to help create the conditions for investment and growth that will be broadly spread and create a ladder of economic opportunity for those willing to work hard, to acquire the education and skills required in the modern world."


    6. In context, out of context – it doesn't matter. With that statement – she is blatantly using the destabilization of another country as the foundation to create an American business opportunity. It is reprehensible on every conceivable level. I have difficulty imagining past Republican politicians like Eisenhower or Reagan even saying something so callous and wrong. These are people we are talking about over there – with lives and families, not stepping stones for American commerce and greed.

    7. It always was a business opportunity. For Halliburton, for Blackwater, for KBR, for GE, for all the people who are made wealthy by war while others pay for it with blood.

    8. We've been over here destabilizing shit for over a decade now, creating all out civil war and killing people all over the damn place… I think it's time we start figuring out how to make some skrilla off this situation.

    9. Sounds ugly taken out of context. In the same speech:

      "And the sacrifice that the Iraqi people have made for your freedom is one that we highly respect."(inmediately after video clip)

      "And we want to see Iraq have a strong democracy and a growing economy that provides stability and prosperity for the Iraqi people"

      "…and we need to work to make sure that the investments are there that will help Iraq chart that kind of future."

      "I know that a lot of the best students in Iraqi universities happen to be women, and I hope that Iraq takes full advantage of half the population, ready to work, ready to roll up their sleeves to assist in the transformation of their country"

      "But ultimately these decisions are up to the Iraqi people: the leaders of the government, the leaders of industry, and, of course, Iraqi men and women who want that better future."

      Business is good for everyone! It provides jobs! What is wrong with that?

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