How Franchise Works: An Illustrated Guide

An efficient business model that some blame at low wages, franchising compresses small business owners between businesses and workers. Here is a sloppy about how it works. Part of a series of WBEZ / Front and Center investigations. Full story:

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    How Franchise Works: An Illustrated Guide

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    1. While some of the implications for workers can hold true in the fast food industry (i.e. unskilled labor), it doesn't stick for employees that have education and training related to the field. If you're a water damage technician with training you make great money ($20/hr nationwide – $42k/yr) and don't need a high school diploma. Add on additional certifications for mold damage or odor and smoke and you make much more.

    2. As soon as I realized they would be drawing throughout the video I changed it. Very annoying.

    3. Being a 30 year franchise veteran, this video makes franchising seems far more "command and control" and "compliance" than reality. Also highly naive regarding pay scale. Experts ARE NOT fighting about the impact of franchising on the economy. It's positive. However, most franchisors are not unionized. Many small businesspeople see that as a good thing.

    4. I have a test tomorrow about franchise, but i didn't understand it, so i searched for it on the internet. And then i found this movie, it's so good.. i can say pretty much that i do understand it now! thankyouuu

    5. ''….someone special, someone with #SkinInTheGame …. '' ….interesting how she put that…..I think that's that code word shit the like to use. I met quite a few people in charge of franchise companies and they all tend to have skin in common….

    6. Love your video, you clear most of my questions on this topic, thank u!! from colombia, south América.

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