How I RAISED MY CREDIT SCORE 200 (Two Hundred) POINTS in 1 YR! | # 2 Get to Know Me Series

Continuing with # 2 in the series "Know Me", I show how an amazing revelation from God prompted me to accelerate to repair my credit. With God's guidance, some concentration and sacrifice, along with several miracles along the way, I was able to fix my bad credit and increase my credit score of 200 points from 545 to 745 in one year. I must admit that it was definitely more Grace of God than my own fairness of sweat and my pocket, but hey … if He will do it for me, He will do it for you too! Between consumer debt, hospital bills, student loans, etc., I had agreed that I would probably have bad credit for many years. I settled for being financially responsible, hoping that the stewardship was enough to keep me in a good position of citizenship. LOL! But, God shocked me one day with the surprising revelation that simple administration was not enough, I had to go a step further and attach a good report to my name. Notice how I was able to increase my FICO score by 200 points in a year. Knowing how to manage money is smart money! Our journey without debts!

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"I will praise you, for I have done marvelously and marvelously: your works are wonders, and my soul knows very well". Psalm 139: 14

Thought behind the name: "Gray matter contains most of the brain's neuronal cell bodies." Gray matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control and sensory perception, such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decisions and I control. " – Wikipedia

Practicum Thought: Our Creator presented us with wisdom and beauty from His own hand. Intelligent design is an impressive notion that blooms the fields of our hearts and gives fragrance to the difficulties of life. As we get older, we often ask ourselves more about our purpose. We ask our contributions. We see our outer beauty that fades and we tend to think less about ourselves. Others struggle to realize their potential. They wonder if God really sees them and knows their struggles. They question whether His Word is true and struggle with its "hidden" meanings and practical applications. BUT WE ALL are really done with fear and wonderfully! Keep tuning to discover HOW MUCH GOD LOVES US; Even in the little things! 🙂 – Tam @ Gray Matter, Beautiful by Design


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    How I RAISED MY CREDIT SCORE 200 (Two Hundred) POINTS in 1 YR! | # 2 Get to Know Me Series

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