How To Build Your Own Startup? | Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms) | Entrepreneur Motivation Story

OYO Rooms was founded by an 18-year-old deserter who belongs to a small town in Orissa that has a literacy rate of around 20%. Inspired by his sister, he decided at the age of 8 that he wanted to grow up and be an entrepreneur.
Today not only is he one of the youngest CEOs in our country, he was also the first Asian resident of the Thiel Scholarship Program, under which he founded OYO.

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    How To Build Your Own Startup? | Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms) | Entrepreneur Motivation Story

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    1. I know as a hotelier that he is struggling.Do you know avg room cost/day is around 500+.He sell at 700-900 with 30% commission.How will this industry survive.Cost have gone up by 30% in last 10 years and he is pricing hotels at the rate which were prevalent then.Fool!!!Do you know how many times he has changed his model just to survive in the market.Pls look at Oyo's reviews on facebook.

    2. Gr€€t!ng$ t0 @LL !!!

      am 22 now and struggling to implement my !d€@ to start up a company 🙁
      Can anyone help us out ? Whats the best way to make the pave ?
      any advice or suggestions 🙂
      Looking forward !!!

    3. iS Going to college jst a waste of time n money and practical experience becomes more important many of the big entreprenuers never had higher education they made out of practical exposures Edison was a drop out bill gates was ambani never was a highly qualified person………

    4. crap… I want to learn and get inspired by people who have achieved something. This guy knows his perception is bigger than his balance sheet and true financials and hence secretive. Oyo rooms talks about rooms booked without talking about how many were give away for free or purchased with investor money but never sold. statistical lies is an old game.

    5. I met this guy yesternight, when he came to my restaurant….I had words with him for 5 minutes it was really amazing, priceless 5 minutes of my life…you are an inspiration to me & many more.

    6. Hi, I really liked your channel! We're a video production company very interested in millennials/young entrepreneurs, we started a Web Series last year that profiles young entrepreneurs based in Toronto! We would love for you the check it out! Thank you ;)!

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