How to Change Facebook Page Category and Name | 2017 Version

I can not change the category of the Facebook page of my previous video: be careful with this last video on how to change the category of your Facebook page.

Video credits to Neha Verma YouTube channel

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    How to Change Facebook Page Category and Name | 2017 Version

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    1. Mam please help me review option not show in my fb page so please help me how to show review option in my fb page please help me

    2. Hey !!! Could you please to a video on How to add review button on our Facebook page.
      Thank you

    3. Hello, I made a mistake and choose Local business instead of company, organizations and institutions. Can you please advise me on how to change that so that the vision, mission and others buttons can be included? Thank you in advance!

    4. please do it for the latest facebook! there is no about about page for the latest facebook!

    5. ITS CALLED A BUSINESS PAGE GUYS…… You have to change to a business to get this page and its layout.You can then change or edit it anyway you like… HOPE THAT HELPS!!

    6. Hi
      mre page par edit info to kia kahin b category ka option nahi aa raha. Main aik week ho gaya pagal ho rahi hoon. I wana change category plz.

    7. Hi Mam,
      I'm having a problem With Category My Page Is Place I Want To convert it to fb regular page For That What Type Of category i should use plz reply Asap if possible

    8. Hi Neha.
      I have the same problem as some others also have. I can edit my Category… but how can i change my (Type) for my site on Facebook. example from Public person to BUSINESS PAGE or whatever i what to change it to.

      Hope you can help me.
      Greetings Sonic

    9. I clicked on Edit Page info and see the same overlay but there is no "Category" on mine… On the general tab, it's name, description, Impressum…

    10. Hi Neha,

      I followed the video shown by you but unfortunately i am not able to change my catergory page name. could you please give your email address i will send the screenshot .

    11. hi neha, could you please help me with making non admins to invite their friends on my page as that option does not show for them but does for me. Thanks in advance

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