How to Choose a Name for Your Business

I am often asked, "Pat, how important is it in what the name of my company?" Or even, "How can I name my business?" This is what you need to know, so important is what you call your child someday, or maybe you already have it, it is so important in what you name your company because that is how people will see that company or the Name of the Rest of his life or career. Episode # 316 How to choose a name for your business. Subscribe to Valuetainment:

Time stamps:

00:41 How Parents Name Their Children

How to name your company / brand:

00:56 – # 1. Choose two words

1:24 # 2. Using compound words

1:39 # 3. Go based on the meaning in different languages

1:54 # 4. The source of the crowd that

2:16 # 5. Use your name

2:50 # 6. Use an acronym

2:59 # 7. Let it be explanatory

3:24 # 8. Do research before you launch the name of your company

Things to avoid:

4:07 # 1 Sensitivity

4:44 # 2 Legal issues (hiring lawyers)

4:55 # 3 Choose a name that is too long

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    How to Choose a Name for Your Business

    Comments 34

    1. Patrick, it's so funny that I actually went through this entire process to pick out my company's name. Thanks for making these concepts as clear and as simple as possible. Great video.

    2. I am aiming to name my social media marketing agency
      β˜†β˜†digital Mantraβ˜†β˜†β˜†
      as it is a Indian company it should look like

    3. Just renamed my company because the name was taken. Should of Did my research first. Hope the new name really grows on me!!

    4. Im 15 years old and I want to read more books about building a business. Can you guys make a list for me?

    5. so your videos became the number 1 to hear while cooking πŸ™‚ I know this is not how you intent people to use them, but will give you a hint how they helped in couple of years πŸ˜‰

    6. buddy google and yahoo has a meaning –
      GOOGLE – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth
      YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

    7. Great video, really needed it but Google and Twitter are not made up words Patrick.
      Just that part allone threw me off for the rest of the video :S

    8. you said that the names shouldn't be long.. but your company "VALUETAINMENT" itself is a long name..

    9. ok. here might be a good place to try this.
      My company name is Echelon Environmental. I am changing the focus of my service and thinking of re-naming. since i will be focused on compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) regulations, I have come up with EchelonEHS as a new company name.

      Any comments or opinions? Thank you

    10. Dear Patrick Bet David
      It would be extremely helpful if you done a hour long video on how to start up your business and to advertise it
      Your sincerely Rob Deeba

    11. Hi πŸ™‚
      Someone gave me an email to reach out to, I have already reached out and was wondering if you got my email ?
      thanks for your attention πŸ™‚

    12. That stress when you've already chosen the name for startup and you see this video published… and then the relief – after watching – that you've picked a good name…!
      Thank you, Pat, for such a valuable content! xx

    13. One comment I'd like to add: don't choose a name on your own, but with a partner. Masterminding in this area makes sense.

    14. million ads through each video, paid books (not 2$, not 3-5$, not even 10$, but 15$), who the fuck are you bullshitting with that you are not trying to do money and like you have each day partnership with different people from Dubai, from lalalatralala. Say true, don't be like a fake virtue baby

    15. Such a great video. I have been trying to come up with a company name for several months now. No luck. The two I came up with are already taken, so I am at a mind block at the moment….

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