HOW TO Choose a name for your webcomic – The Comic Paige- (Ep9)

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    HOW TO Choose a name for your webcomic – The Comic Paige- (Ep9)

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    1. I named my webcomic "Universe-B" to give it a somewhat unknown and mysterious vibe to it. It will have more meaning down the road, however Ive been working on a book! I actually came back here to get some tips again! <3

      Enjoy your day!

    2. me and my cousin are starting a web comic on an app/website called webtoon… I came up with 'crow beyond the colours' its about a girl called Raven (yeah get it) who is a shape shifter so is different from the rest and she can turn into Gothic animals such as a crow/raven so yeah what do you think

    3. i started a webcomic about a kid named Star that goes in the wizard academy,i dont know how to name it…if anyone has an idea reply to this comment.Thanks in advance

    4. Hi, I couldn't hear a thing from your video because the computer I use at the moment doesn't have sound unless you use headphones… but I think I got the idea from subtitles and the mind-map thing you showed on the screen. Just wanted to stop by and say that you're really pretty c: Take care!

    5. Great advice on both this and the previous episode!  I've never used a brainstorming chart.  Instead I'll make a list of words and play around with them.

    6. I've never really planned to do anything like a webcomic or anything, but I find a lot of your advice can transfer into normal writing, which is what I do. I work on original books and fanfictions like, constantly, and a lot of your videos have helped me with it. <3

    7. Thanks, this was pretty helpful. I usually use "mind maps" to solve graphic design problems, so I didn't think of using it to write down words and try to mash them together for a name. 

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