How to Choose the Best Business Name

Not sure what to name your business? // They ask me a lot about how to name a business, so I wanted to give you a bit more clarity around this topic. At the end of the day, it's up to you, but my advice in this week's episode of The Sunny Show should help you land on a name that makes you feel ready to take over the world.

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Video credits to Sunny Lenarduzzi YouTube channel

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    How to Choose the Best Business Name

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    1. Hi, soo glad that I found your channel .. and I need a straight advice. My name is "Fahad" (Leopard in Arabic).. how do you feel about "Fahadography", for Photography business? it's available in all platform

      Thank you!

    2. First time I've seen you, you're a total boss with ten-second-answers, that was awesome hahah

    3. Great video & tips Sunny! WIth everything you mentioned, I fall into the "Branding Yourself" category with using my name. However, my last name is a little tricky. My first name is easy and catchy but my last name is spelt "Whinery" but pronounced "Win-er-e". Do you think this might pose a problem?

    4. I love your vids in general. Great content. And yes, if you do (or even may) want to sell some day, it's

    5. Hi Am going to start a garment brand with women's wear n latter maybe men's and even kids wear what kind of name will suit.. Names like Mango, Lychee and Apple and other stuff is already take..? As it has to be unisex what kind of names do u suggest. Don't want to use my name.

    6. I love your videos, I just started my own youtube channel for my company and I ran into your videos just at the right time! Thanks for all the great tips!

    7. I love your videos and speaking of branding, I have a dilema. My name is not something people could easily pronounce or spell (usually they get my name wrong) so then I named my website and facebook Angel Trinity (obviously I do spiritual work, even coaching with a spiritual touch). With all the impact this would have on me speaking publicly and having to say I am to be found online as my business name, I thought Angel Trinity is much easier for anyone than Anamaria Adebowale. Does this seem to be a big issue or a block in people recognising me in my brand?
      Thank you.

    8. Great Video I am studying Illustration I was going on the idea of "Pykesworld Illustration" Any feed back would be great πŸ™‚ keep up the awesome work.

    9. Hi Sunny, I have an EO with a name "Crystal" and I start thinking about changing it because it doesn't have any certain meaning. I want to explain about communication, rather than small scope, EO only. Thanks so much.

    10. Hi Sunny and Ayla, At first I wanted to keep one channel for both my activities : Food Mentor and Social Media Coaching. But most of our peeps in our BYOBoss group suggest I don't and create a second audience. Would you agree with this? I would love to have your advice! Merci Sunny!

    11. My name is sunnie that doesnt bug me but my last name I was relentlessly picked on for so I wouldnt want to use my last name (Roach).

    12. this video was really helpful but I'm still confused as to what to do! My name is Haley Smith, literally the most common name in history haha so I think it's better to have a unique name like Atomic Sunflowers? I don't know….

    13. The reason I don't want my name to be my business is because I do not find my name that nice to say bcs its Dutch.

    14. I struggle bc I'm a hair and makeup artist so far I'm ingrid_hairandmakeup on IG I feel it's so lame lol but like you said anything else is not gonna mention what I do πŸ€”

    15. Hi +sunny I was wanting to do a shout out to you in one of my videos!! Just for the fact that your tutorials are the best!! Easy and I'm serious!….I knew nothing of YouTube and you're like my mentor kind of lol. I just started out and not sure how to message you. But not sure of the etiquette of that? Would that be ok? My channel isn't perfect or anything and not sure if you are ok with me linking your channel in my video? Please let me know ASAP if you can as I want to do it soon just want to do it properly! I'm not asking for anything in return I'm just loving your channel…like in love 😍😘 ha ha! Thanks SO much!!

    16. Ayla LOL I don't know why that girl doesn't like being on video, she's a natural and she always cracks me up!

    17. Great advice and insight. I've thought of using my own name, but there are about four famous people with the same name. A major league baseball player, a concert pianist, and an author. I kind of like Magnum Videos (and I'm happy with the logo I created for it). Any suggestions on how to improve my reach? Thanks, Sunny!

    18. Hi Love, I am so glad I ran into your channel ! I'm thinking about starting my YouTube channel on home decorating on a budget & home diy projects, I'm studying for Interior Design & was thinking that this would be a great way to help me grow as a person but also as a future Interior Designer. I'm definitely planning on using my name as a brand… any suggestions ?.

    19. Sunny after watching your video, i concluded that i should use my own name for branding my self, because my channel is about uploading tutorials that i am making for my audience. #Respect From Umar (Pakistan)

    20. Awww Ayla is adorable!! I vote for more videos with Ayla!!! Well done ladies! I don't even struggle with this question yet I still watched the entire video, just cause!

    21. so from what i gathered in this regarding taglines….its good to have one if you are using your own name to build a brand to help tell what you do…correct?

    22. Awesome video! Can I build my business name as a brand as well as my slogan? I am working to brand "ItsGrawVez" and my slogan is "EnjoyTheGrind". Now people are now interested in buying tshirts that say "EnjoyTheGrind"

    23. Still speaks like a machine gun… ;-)! Okay, but guess for many a video that helps a lot. EVEN a good name is just the start. The rest is hard work and a lot of luck. Sunny ! Have a great day !

    24. Great video, fun to see Ayla! Love the rapid-fire answers too… was playful and informative. The BYOBoss Facebook group is great – thanks for all that you do! πŸ™‚

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