How to Choose the Best Business Name

Naming your business is an important first step for an entrepreneur. The name reflects who you are and what your business is all about. In this video, Dale Beaumont covers the 7 steps to choosing the best business name for you with real life examples, tips on what to avoid and steps to take action on your own. For the full article, click here:

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    How to Choose the Best Business Name

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    2. here's a few suggestions to consider before you setup a woodworking company
      Will you have support from your family?
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    4. There are a few things to consider before you begin your own woodworking company
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    5. hellow sir i want to start the bussines which is very importan for me can you chose the neme for me pease

    6. Hi, soo glad that I found your channel .. and I need a straight advice. My name is "Fahad" (Leopard in Arabic).. how do you feel about "Fahadography", for Photography business? it's available in all platform

      Thank you!

    7. did you advice me to call my project on my personal Name ? I'm a Chef and I am lunching a food truck and I'm thinking to called to smth related to the food but some friends advice me to call it on my name as chef Emad for a food truck project !?

    8. I'd easily say this is the best comprehensiveness and concise video around on the topic
      Thank you!

    9. Thanks! Could you please say if NEEP which means new evolution of extraordinary people is a good name?

    10. Good ideas, but I think naming by Acronym is also good cuz we can see H&m, KFC etc… is very popular now days

    11. You should make sure your video tutorials do not chop half your head off when you are presenting to the audience. It creates the impression that the content developer lacks attention to detail and professionalism.

      It may seem insignificant but in this superficial world first impressions count. I ordinarily never notice these things but its the first thing i noticed and I switched off immediately.

      Also you appear to 'over' state or over emphasise your words, and gesture in ways where i thought you were gay and was surprised to hear you speak of a wife. Not that that observation is even relevant, so perhaps you should also try to keep out irrelevant material since its an unnecessary distraction.

    12. With this video, I've just thought of a great company name for my business, but I've just realised Mother's Day was yesterday, oh f…

    13. I would like to name my company Gravity 3D Training. Too long? It has name by desire in it.

    14. Great video! I´m starting an online business and this is going to be very useful for me right now. Thanks dude

    15. Thank you! It was very good to hear what you had to say about naming businesses, I got some good tips. What do you think of "Proud Bebe" as a baby diaper company name? Any suggestions if you think not good? Thanks in advance for your response!

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