How To Evaluate Business Opportunity and Idea

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Dan "The Man" Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and internationally successful author. Dan is considered the leading global expert in Internet marketing and many know him as the "millionaire mentor".

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The companies under his leadership generate more than $ 18 million in sales per year and tens of millions of dollars in revenues in recent years.

Dan is one of the few lecturers and business consultants who has a portfolio of highly profitable commercial companies.

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    How To Evaluate Business Opportunity and Idea

    Comments 23

    1. That is good advice about one would rather just stay home. Restaurants are money pits

    2. Dan, You have such great taste when it comes to fashion! That suit is so incredibly modern. I love it!.. and as always, great advice.

    3. I believe that if that fellow Filipino would listen to you then he would think of other ways or other business he could get into and become more profitable. Good stuff Don!

    4. In One Deal The Guy Want To Buy 100 mackbooks A Day At $600 A Peice I Can Find A Way to The Laptops At $200 Apeice

    5. Thank you Dan you're excellent. Getting to know you for the past month has made my world better,,,,, here at Planet David.

    6. the three important questions…what could go wrong?what don't i know?, what don't i see…

    7. Amazing business mind. I have been extremely successful in Sales and Business Development, but after 25 videos you've now become one of my main resources of new thinking.

    8. Hey Dan, you closed me on HTC. I have a question – why did you do two HTC videos – one with Kayvon, one with Stefan James. I'm okay with the answer that you would rather not answer that, but I'm curious either way.

    9. Main takeaways are to ask myself daily:
      1. What could go wrong?
      2. What don't I know?
      3. What don't I see?
      Thank you, Sifu.

    10. Watching your videos every morning Dan, reality bites! Nice signs, it was quite obvious; Dont go to that restaurant business since his risks was too high. ^^

    11. this is so valuable. If i could watch this video prior to my decision. I couldn't have avoid my problem today!

    12. Very nice! The way of thinking is so important. You have to ask the right questions in life and it opens up possibilities you never thought about. Thank you very much for sharing the 3 questions at the end.

    13. Filipinos really have a noticeable accent when they speak english. I immediately knew toby was one when he said his name

    14. What I learn from Dan lok its that what ever business u do u have to think first the risk benefit before profit desirable , invest what u can to lose in long run and have a Cash so if down turn you can recover or change ur business model to another ,this much better strategy to create ur own business and could become long sustainable success business rather than putting ur eggs one plate assuming that every things will be OK and Honey ,bad assumption.

    15. The risk evaluation seems to be a paramount piece of the process, however from what I've assessed, every business has risk but its interesting how simple its disected as opposed to the grouling process of elimination.

    16. Thank you. So many repeat the same thing over and over, but you do provide insight which speaks highly on what kind of person you are.

    17. You are the absolute best!! Nurturing to the spine!! Filling in the exact details I already had within but didn't know how to articulate. Thank you for taking that frequency from the air, practicing it and transforming it into words for all of us. Cheers Dan!!

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