How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan lenders

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This video explains how entrepreneurs can get loans for small businesses. I will discuss how to get personal loans that you can put towards your business so that they act as personal small business loans. In addition, you can get small business loans from banks, private lenders, and microcredit lenders. I discuss the three options for obtaining commercial loans in the video.

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I also discuss the different cases in which banks lend to companies and when private lenders lend to companies. I also discuss how to get small business loans from banks instead of private lenders and microcredit.

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All of these sites are good, but keep in mind, in this video also discuss that in most cases getting a business loan is not the greatest of ideas. So if you try to get a loan, be very careful and cautious.

Consider Risk: If you take out a personal loan, you will spend all that money on your business. But there is no guarantee that your business will succeed. But the fact that you will have to repay that loan is in fact guaranteed. It will be easier to spend that money than to get it back. So while having the option of getting a small business loan is a good option to have, choose very carefully.

There are some frank people like Marc Cuban who say that entrepreneurs should not get a business loan to finance their business. I tend to agree with Marc. I certainly did not get a small business loan to finance my business. But, however, its does not stop many entrepreneurs. And frankly, for most people, getting a business loan is the only viable option.

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    How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan lenders

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    2. I have 75,000 followers and sold 200,000 items this year and have done it all on my own with no backing,,, Now I have found over 100 more clients wanting my product in bulk. Now I am Looking for a loan.. I have put into the company 100k next year the out look is 12 million to 30 million if i spend thousands promoting my product. the demand maybe 500,000 people in the United State.. I don't think a bank will give me a loan.. I have one investor offering 150k but , I just don't like the guy much so why make him a partner.. were can I get a loan/Backer for one season.. 30% on there money .. any advice ? this was my second year in business and shows profit,, Going for everything now till next season..

    3. What do you suggest I do if I need a 500,000 – 600,000 business loan to start up a fleet of 3 semi trucks and all expenses? I'm looking to pay back the loan roughly 100,000 a year for 7 – 8 years paying back about 200,000 dollars interest. I have a portfolio I'm working on and I would be making about 700,000 gross, 400,000 of that goes to spendages, 300,000 profit per year in which 100,000 I put back into the company and 100,000 I pay back the loan every year.

    4. what's your opinion on these guys advertising loans in the comments, ( Jimmydavis ) (williamsfunding) and others plus those you mentioned .. i have a small trucking business,thinking about a business loan, can't get bank loan just yet (600-650 credit score depending who's looking @ it ) don't need much $5-$10k just to tighten up loose ends. Haven't tried business loan at bank yet.

    5. why do you smack your lips a lot? ok so now that is out of the way, I'm I able to get a loan with a 658 credit score?

    6. Hello, I want to get a loan of about 20k-30k to open up a small business. Can you suggest me any good loaners? Maybe ones that don't have much APR. Thank you.

    7. sir :
      i have few questions maybe you can help me with
      i m trying to start an industrial business , to make liquid oxygen  what  are the things i would expect and  have to have   before having  everything set up  , i m trying build my own machine and buy some others  so i diffidently need money to do that 
      i appreciate  any information or guidance you would help me out with

    8. hey i want to start a paintball field and i was wondering if i should get a loan for my business that i have not started please help

    9. so, If I need a small loan (say about $250-$300) Just to get by for the month on some expenses.. How would you go about that?

    10. · Streamlined application process with minimal paperwork
      · Simplified and Reduced documentation requirements
      · Fair and affordable repayment terms and fees to fit your needs
      · Easy one step renewal process, over 85% of our eligible merchants renew
      It takes three minutes for a customer to apply online giving them financial freedom for all 
      their business needs @ check it out for more Info Please and Thanks 

    11. I hate loans..Seems like too much obligation.Rather go the "free", less obligation and trouble route..Pardon my thinking.Glad you were honest in this video.

    12. Thank you for watching! If you have questions or comments about any part of the video, please comment and ask right in the YouTube comments. I see all the comments, and promise to get back to absolutely everyone!

    13. Thanks fo the insight.  Getting loans for business can be difficult when you do not understand what the banks are looking for

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