How to Get Your First SMMA Client with NO Experience!

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In this video I feel with 18-year-old entrepreneur Iman Gadzhi. Earn around $ 25k / month on PROFIT with your social media marketing agency called IAG Media. He shares how to get his first client WITHOUT experience, a question that many beginners ask when starting with social media marketing.

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If you want to learn how to start a tremendously profitable social media marketing agency, Iman is one of the leaders in this field that has numerous success stories from their online personal trainings. Iman believes and trusts the systems he has created and uses to divide the creation and operation of a successful agency into a step-by-step science. Creating a social media marketing agency is a wonderful online business opportunity to earn money online because it requires practically zero or little capital in advance, and can scale quickly with only a few clients.


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    How to Get Your First SMMA Client with NO Experience!

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    1. I have spent years on youtube watching countless "how to", "marketing", "business" videos and this BY FAR is the MOST VALUABLE one I have come across. Hands down. You earned a sub and if you offer a course my money is yours. You a real one.

    2. hello Odi .honestly what's your income source you run mutiple businesses with a team working under each..I know people rarely buy stuff by clicking youtube affiliate or any other site's affiliate link..I'd like to know what are the businesses you are running. ..besides odi music productions..thank you in advance 🙂

    3. Hijack authority, speak their niche language, case studies, get in their head…..good stuff

    4. When setting up an SEO affiliate website (review product/services), do I need to tie the site to a physical address to get the ranking benefits… if not how do I avoid penguins & hummingbirds & pandas of the world?

    5. Hello guys I'm 17 years old and I'm trying to put up an smma but I don't know exactly yet what services I will provide to my clients , could anyone help me out with this. I would really appreciate it.

    6. Whats the camera that you both are using please? And which software to get that kind of quality image????

    7. I'm just a newbie, this video is very helpful. Thank you ODI and Iman. 🙂 God bless you both!

    8. Iman is my ultimate inspiration and virtual mentor, He is doing something that I aspire to be in the near future. Good luck to both you and him.

    9. It's pronounced "Neesh" . Great Video, it seems that having no shame in exaggerating your authority is pretty valuable, I feel like most people would normally struggle with this

    10. Great video hopefully for part 3 he can explain how to get a contractor like he mentioned in the 1st video if you dont know squat about Facebook Ads

    11. Hey Iman I'm from Jamaica and I was wondering if I have to do this business locally due to the fact that I have to attend meetings with the client!?

    12. Goooood Evening ODi!!!!…..I very much appreciate your videos and always look forward to watching them. If anyone is looking to transform their laptop into an automated cash-machine click on the following link:…….I am no expert in affiliate marketing so I am using this opportunity to market amazon automation if you don’t mind. Thank you, God Bless you and until your next video post!!!

    13. This is great value, how do i then get them results? Do i look for sb online? What about content creation for adds / Instagram 🤔

    14. Odi thanks for bringing iman on. ill definately take on his course and hope for the best also can you get him to mention some of his mentors so we can also learn from them and also books to read. Thanks again

    15. Marketing arbitrage at its finest.
      I love how much value odi provides on this channel by getting all theses sucessful people to talk with us for free. All I have to do is implement this and im golden. All thanks to odi production

    16. Oh the days of freelancing. One of the best ways to get your feet wet in online business!

    17. The most profitable duo! Odi, thanks so much for introducing me to Iman.. Your channel remains my most important source of info when it comes to marketing

    18. What do you need to begin smma business? These are all good tips, but no matter how much research I do, I can’t figure out exactly what I’ll be doing for these businesses and what I need to do it.

    19. Great stuff! I have always wanted to start a SMMA business. This gave a lot of good direction, I can't wait to get rolling on it!

    20. This is an amazing opportunity right now, and affiliate marketing for me hasn’t worked for over 8 months. I’ve learned all of my skills through doing that though, which is amazing. I’ve always been good with social media and knowing that I could creat an agency out of it sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity.. Stay woke!

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