How to Share the Business Opportunity Beachbody Coach

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How to share the business opportunity Beachbody Coach

What is happening? It's Coach Caleb from!

How do you share the business opportunity? What is the perfect way to invite someone to become a Beachbody coach? When is the right time? Who is the ideal candidate? What should I say exactly?

Um … I do not know! All those answers are in your trainer's training materials. He is the point I want to make, JUST ASK.

Here's a funny analogy: when you go to a restaurant, what does your server do at the end of each meal? "Do you want some coffee? AHH, NO, I'll drink it all, probably reject me."

Hahaha noooo no no no no

The servers confidently ask EVERYONE at EVERY table at EVERY meal if they want coffee, without taking anything! Why? Because the servers know they can not provide a necessary service to their customers unless they ASK. The worst that could happen? "No, thanks, maybe later." And if you are a good servant, do not walk away, hurt by that response! You move to your next table and ask them if THEY want your delicious coffee.

Beachbody trainers: learn from this example. JUST ASK!

Hey, I saw your Facebook status about not having enough money for Christmas gifts this year. Have you ever thought about becoming a Beachbody Coach to help you with that?

Hey, you've been CRUSHING our challenge group! Have you ever considered becoming a Beachbody Coach? You would be a natural leader!

Here is ONE final reflection:

Instead of being afraid to invite people, be afraid of what might happen if you decide NOT to invite!

When you become a successful Beachbody trainer, living a life by design, earning a lot of money, paying it and giving it to others in abundance, how will you feel when the person you jumped on a moment ago asks you why you did not? Did you ever ask me? I've been looking at you like a hawk for all these years, waiting, and I just needed an invitation. I just needed someone to believe in me enough to ask me and I would have answered yes. He has been his BEST trainer but he has never asked. "

DO NOT LET SUCK, coaches. You have an opportunity that can drastically change lives. Just ask.

That's all for today friends! Please share comments and subscribe for more videos.

And hey, if you're watching this and you're not a coach, consider that this is my invitation to you. I would like to welcome my team as a coach. Let's go to the top!

I love you guys, peace!
Coach Caleb

Video credits to Caleb Thomas YouTube channel

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    How to Share the Business Opportunity Beachbody Coach

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    1. Yet another great video. It's so true . We cannot let our fears of rejection stand in the way of our future reflection in the mirror that is waiting to stare back. Once you make the decision to kick fear in the face you will need a bigger mirror so that the hundreds if not thousands of lives that are affected can be standing in the reflection with you.

    2. You're the best! New coaches greatly benefit from your channel thank you for your awesome content and creativity!

    3. How to SHARE the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity! New Video! 
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