How to start a business online, even if you are poor

How to start a business, even if you do not have any money. This works even better if it's an online business (you'll see how to get started in this video)
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    How to start a business online, even if you are poor

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    1. "I don't wanna work at all dude, how can I just make my computer shit money?" hahahahahahaha

    2. What if you're young.. 16.. And you can't get a job and your parents won't put money into it?

    3. hey Alex, Im outside US (asia region) and I want to start an online business but I want to target US base customer, is it possible?

    4. Hellz yeah…. I worked my ass off to come up with $$ for Market Hero membership. I was broke as fuck for a short time but did it. Now back to work so I can implement what I learn. No whining and crying here.

    5. I can't give any credence or respect to individuals who feel the need to resort to cursing when communicating. It comes across as very unprofessional.

    6. man you got my first fucking comment on YouTube. your badass. I will buy any class you create, book ext. Thats coming from a guy who just lost my job. today. Seriously!!!! I needed this so bad.

    7. You can save the BS and stop Being rude. Obviously you don't know anything about business. If you did you would not be so rude. Your all for yourself dude. The customers are the ones who are paying you for your knowledge not for abuse. I wouldn't follow you near a cliff because you will push me off of it. I can tell with that attitude.

    8. hey guy yo look I like your honesty. this is what people need of tuff Love. Lol keep more of it coming.

    9. I really hate when you answer the question like this because I work and have a son and don't have $300 extra a month.

    10. Dude, some people arent 20 somethings living in their moms basement or with their "bro's".
      Some people get unlucky, like getting hit by a young little ashole and have their whole life turned upside down.
      Some people have kids to feed.
      Im glad you got to make money.
      But maybe lose the attitude a little.

      Oh and also, cheap thumbnail trick.
      But, you already knew that..

    11. I am subscribed… I may or may not like the video… lets see how it turns out! LOL

    12. is there anything that doesn't frustrate you?" You clearly think you are addressing the " Plebs" out there! If you were less full on and spoke less quickly then people could possibly follow the content better. Fix that!

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