How to Start a Cold Storage Business Project,Excellent opportunity for investing,business planning

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The cold storage industry is a very important and essential industry. The temperature is kept low with the help of precision instruments. Cold storage is used to preserve fruits and vegetables. Once they are kept in cold storage, they do not spoil, even after many months. This item, when necessary, can be taken from cold storage and can be made available to consumers very easily. Cold storage is a vital link between the production and consumption of perishable products. In addition to the preservation of perishable products, cold storage also helps to increase the period of commercialization of these basic products and ensure availability for the consumer over a long period. It is also clear that the cold storage facility available in several states of the country reveals a wide variation. A new entrepreneur can venture into this field by installing a cold storage project to prevent fruit and vegetables from being wasted.

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    How to Start a Cold Storage Business Project,Excellent opportunity for investing,business planning

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    1. hi I would like to go for the warehouse and cold storage plant in one acre ( 44000 ) square feet of land please inform of the project and who is making project report and need consultancy please help thanks :  my mobile: 09880227247 karnataka

    2. How do we calculate the space to know if its how much metric tones..please make me undwrstand in simplest way possible by giving me examples on dimensions..

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