How To Win Offlane [ Tips And Tricks ]

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    How To Win Offlane [ Tips And Tricks ]

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    1. Hey meric my average gpm is 425 and my kda ratio is 3.55 i play support and carry role can i still get 3k bracket? Im in high skill bracket

    2. Meric, on fata footage there is no slowing hero which is very strong debuff on early for example like lich,pudge rot and/or another supp that able to manipulate the terrain like shakira or tusk. What we should do ? And if the offlane hero isnt able to jungle early on and hardly to gank like doom (bad creeps/forced to take other spell on lvl 1) or like cents or nyx

    3. How to win solo offlane if you are against carry and support who is harassing you all the time and you cant get farm? (i played with pangolier solo offlane and rubick harrased me, their carry farmed, and we losed game)

    4. Unless you’re Nature’s Prophet.
      Get boots, tango and a clarity.

      Get phase boots first, rush Drums, then get an early game blight stone.

      Push the towers. If you’re losing the offlane, and the enemy are doing a lot of rotations to fuck your farm up, go for their offlane tower instead and get your team to fight their rotations. Take down whatever tower’s free. If they have a farmer, such as AM, you’ll usually get a free pushes since your team is forcing them to fight. Take down all tier 2s if possible, and if not – then go for their tier 3s. You may die a lot, but objectives > team fights specially at lower MMR brackets.
      I go for the following build, but it depends on who’s against me. Example I had a tinker/crystal maiden/enchantress against me on the same team, so I rushed orchid and then built a shadow blade just for quick escapes, then a desolator. Farmed enough, and the money from towers and creep waves, I built a silver edge then a bloodthorn (they had a bristleback). The talents you take are: 30 damage, +4 treants summoned, 40 attack speed and obviously unlimited teleport.

      I have made my own guide but I don’t wanna publish it since I’m only in the 1K MMR bracket.

    5. Last game i was playing bristelback solo offlane against 3.not gonna lie i rape them all cuz i got 5 levels bigger and we win in 25 mins

    6. This guide show me the way to play offlaner again even when support sticking arounding me for nothing. Haven't try yet but I believe this guide will totally work. Thanks.

    7. This Guide Helped Me Alot .Thanks Bruh .I Need To Offlane When I Have A Noob Sea Guy In A Team Who Says Mid Or Feed .I Am Mid Laner But This Helped Me To Offlane Also.

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