How to Write a Business Plan

This short video describes how and why to write a business plan, using the free SBA tool at

Video credits to U.S. Small Business Administration YouTube channel

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    How to Write a Business Plan

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    1. Writing a business plan is a great way to reverse engineer your future success and/or to avoid a potential disaster. Your business plan will give you x-ray vision and allow you to see the potential of your business concept. After you’ve determined the viability of your business idea, the next most important step is to develop a marketing strategy, because nothing moves without it. You could offer the best products and services on the planet, but if none of your prospects know about them, your business will struggle. Just think about how many poorly made products we’ve all purchased because of marketing hype, but turned out to be of poor quality. Of course, you want to ensure that your products and services are of high quality, which is a given. In today’s fierce competition, marketing is the only definitive leverage that we all have left in order to survive and thrive. This is just some food for thought.

    2. Thank you for striving to build a better country and to bring lasting change to the lives of ordinary people across America. Your work is appreciated! #PSRW

    3. The website has lots of free online courses with very good links. I watched the full 30 mins business plan and went to the links they had provided. Very grateful.

    4. Taking advice from the SBA on how to get customers is about as stupid as taking advice from a rapist on how to pick up chicks. THEY THEMSELVES don't depend on customers voluntarily paying for goods or services because THEY get their revenue through forced taxation. Why would anyone listen to these people? Do yourselves a favor, watch channels of successful entrepreneurs. Not government bureaucrats regurgitating common core lesson plans because they can't think for themselves.

    5. Very helpful video. It helped me a lot. Where I can find more useful information on this topic?

    6. This is a really nice video for understanding how to structure and execute business plans. Thanks for sharing.

    7. In this video, the SBA did a great job of laying out the 6 Basic Sections of what goes into a business plan and a brief summary explaining the purpose of each section. What's fantastic is the fact that the SBA provides a FREE Build Your Business Online service that you can access 24 hours per day. This is great for all of you Do-It-Yourselfers! This is a great 2/12 minute high-level overview of what goes into writing a business plan!

    8. What a great resource for new businesses! We share this with all small businesses that sign up for our service!

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