Jan 9, 2018 – TenX Q&A Livestream: Token structure, Wavecrest, Banking Licence

Response and response questions:

At TenX, our mission is to make virtual currencies available at any time anywhere.

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    Jan 9, 2018 – TenX Q&A Livestream: Token structure, Wavecrest, Banking Licence

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    1. Junge dann lass dir was einfallen wie diejenigen, die in deine scheisse investiert haben, so wie du auch zu ihrer kohle kommen!!!! Da fällst ja vom Glauben ab. Kohle nehmen JA Reward NEIN. Und dann deine Ausreden. So viel Millionen eingenommen und keine Kohle übrig für ein vernünftiges Reward Konzept. Was für ein Vogel! Und all die Probleme warums nicht geht fallen dem jetzt ein!

    2. meen this guy is party guy in ceo world .. tooo sincere. 90 % people holding and buying crypto dont even know why the bought the coin … just pure greed . and dont even seen ceo on picture and my god to have read the white paper nooooo..atleast he is trying to explain what happened .rest who lost the license dont even bother to reply email .. personally im not selling i will buy more ..this guy has my money .. if we sink we sink together . at least he is a fighter . im ok with that . ill check my folio 2019..most of you smart asses ask your self 2008 when stock market fell down .. anyone seen any CEO to explain why .to you..

    3. a few observations…….you knew wavecrest may lose their licence in November but still carried on taking peoples 15 pounds for cards…………you do not have a new issuer but are promising replacement and new cards but said you did have a new issuer on Friday………….Customers are a nuisance, really? ……its like listening to a nutty proffessor but I wish you well , you had my 15 pound and trust and investment in PAY but all is now history………..what you are doing has very little to do with cryptocurrency and everything to do with banksters and Visa have just made an example of crypto people that its not going to be easy to cross over from fiat to crypto……..and will be to their loss, someone has got to Visa

    4. Please talk less and say more. Have transcipts of key points and questions.
      eg. I would like to hear about Wavecrest / License (as in heading) … but I don't care about your meetup schedule.

    5. I think the Banks are going to screw us again BUT, I know Crypto is a risky new technology, and I trust TenX to do the best they can for us.

    6. The Banksters don't like Cryptos, if TenX fails, it will be the Banksters that are to blame, not the TenX team.
      I'm still a believer.

    7. Answer about “reward expectations” is pathetic. For you knowledge Bankera are paying reward every week few month already.

    8. Hallo Julian, vielen dank für das Update.. Aber meine Frage an dich ( warum du jetzt immer deine Videos auf englisch machst?¿? ) ich hab mittlerweile das Gefühl das kryptowährung nicht für die Menschen in Deutschland erreichbar sein soll.. nirgendwo bekommt man in Deutschland bitcoins und mein Freund wollte gestern bei coinbase ausbezahlen und die haben ihn gesagt das es für Deutschland gesperrt ist

    9. My Man! Julian – very rare to have a great CEO! – What blockchain gives to bitcoin, is what Julian gives to TENX … TRANSPARENCY!!!! – Simple but hard to execute! … I believe in TENX – great product but most great leaders! Remember "Build it and they will come!"

    10. REALLY missing my card – had just got into the swing of using it regularly. Can't wait to get my replacement with the ability to use Eth as well!

    11. I belive in that team. You are very transparent and have very reasonable approach to project development. What will not kill you, will strengthen you. Take care.

    12. My 2¢: I think the new @tenxwallet $PAY token structure will be similar to that of $BNB so it becomes a utility token when the COMIT Network comes online, so as not to be deemed a security with an 'expectation of profits' under the Howey Test.

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