Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

June 14 (Bloomberg) – Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economy and starting a business with Trish Regan at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

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    Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

    Comments 48

    1. He is not saying that a start-up based on loan is doomed to fail. He is trying to show you that it is very risky, because if it goes down, you end up owning people money.

    2. he is in a mental state of beating your ass in a business world? Why not , maybe be in it to support everyone to succeed just like Elon Musk making his technology available for everyone to copy. Which made him endearing to most . Now that is innovation and humanitarian.

    3. In some cases, only morons start a business without a loan. No money will kill a business faster than too much debt.

    4. I'm embarrassed that he's from Pittsburgh. He was a spoiled punk growing up, and he pretends he is self-made. I hate his face.

    5. I also refuse to take out loans. I will never until the day I die. No credit cards and I pay cash for everything.

    6. Hey Mark… you're a friggin moron. Come back down to earth ya friggin 1%er lmao

    7. Who does your business belong too if you have to borrow how ever much money to start it up? THE BANK.. That's way too much pressure on a start up that may fail within 2 yrs

    8. easy to say when you have nothing to start from. Yuppies like him will never understand how impossible it is when you have no investment funds.

    9. "You're a moron if you get a loan from a bank. Instead come on shark tank so I can take your good idea."-Mark Cuban

    10. so……………………………whats the alternative to borrowing money if you have none???????????????
      oh right shark tank…

    11. buybacks? must be talking bout apple and its "hey that looks cool, maybe we should do that too" strategy

    12. he dumb because you can get approved for a loan as long as your business make equal amount or more then you ask for.Most of these guys started out by a loan

    13. Chibani Yoghurt owner used federal small business loan to lobby Congress for the federal lunch program contract. Now he's a millionaire.

    14. Mark is right about a loan. He took a loan from a friend. Listen to what he said. Family or friends. Not the banks.

    15. Mark Cuban!ย  Ideas matter for innovation & Scientific Research! Creativity is the bottom line & I done care if you got a loan, grant or whatever!! Prof. Nihal DeSilva, BioPhotonics!

    16. UUhhhh you don't need much capital??? Unless it is a business where you sell a personal talent or is an online business that will stay small…… YOU NEED TONS OF CAPITAL. That is why people on Shark Tank come to him. You need at least 50 k just to open the doors, to get a place to rent, get inventory, buy equipment, hire an employee or two. One of the biggest problems I see with entreprenuers is that they underestimate the capital it takes to get off the ground. Shortly in they have cash flow problems because they are waiting on the growth and don't have the capital to weather the beginning phase where the business is not turning a profit.

    17. Private lending company [InsuredFundings] Offering Low Interest Rates on personal Loans, Real Estate, Business Loans, Bridge Loans, Commercial loans. to individuals/companies who can utilize it well and make good returns within the maximum time duration of 7 years.
      Funding occurs within 3-5 working day after due diligence is completed.

    18. Lol. Even though this was in 2013, it's evidence of how poor Mark Cubans knowledge of the direction of television and the internet. Well before 2013, the internet was moving towards producing live content and r television was on a decline.

    19. *Only poor people start a business on a loan. … Fact is if you don't have money to begin with it's hard to start a business which requires money to start with. Hence, a loan. You can do partnerships with people to give them a share of the company etc. That way you don't need a loan, however then you lose a share of your business which a loan could have done instead. Obviously if you have money to begin with then take out a loan then that's silly but if you don't have money what are you supposed to do.

    20. What do you mean the bank will not care for your business? the bank will not lend you the money until it sees the business plan that shows their future revenue to guarantee their money (with interest) back.

    21. It's simple, Just go to Stodoys page.I bought excellent handbook from Stodoys website.

    22. Ah, Trump-basher extraordinaire Mark Cuban. I wonder how he felt after Trump proved him wrong in the election and really raised the bar as far as competition among billionaires goes. Your ball, Mark. Think you can accomplish what the "lazy" Donald Trump did? FAT chance, you big-mouthed jackass! Now go make me a rum and Coke!

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