Meric Plays Luna With A BabyRage Storm

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Video credits to MericGaming YouTube channel

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    Meric Plays Luna With A BabyRage Storm

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    1. "He will grow up later" . Dude i love this so much. Where are you streaming btw? twitch? share your twitch link i would love to watch more

    2. Hi meric, I've been spamming Luna for over a week now and gained 400 mmr I think she's in sales strong this patch and my average gpm is 800 right now! This video only made my farming better!

    3. wtf, i watch you for month, i just saw u have only 16 k subs. wtf??? U deserve atleast 100 k. Thanks for good tips, with your support im slowly getting out of 1 k. ๐Ÿ˜€

    4. Hey meric, Can you make a video about solo supporting. Like when you have a four core lineup. Like where to ward, when to not ward, when to farm your items, where to farm your items and shit. Most especially that pos5 is harder in the current patch. Cause a lot of time here in SEA youll see 4 core lineups where 1 will jungle.

    5. storm is like my best mid hero, i mean the highest win rate. But lately when i go mid with storm i am always getting rekt 1 v 1. For example, there is a tinker or qop mid and i feel so squishy against them. I lose mid and i am 2 lvls behind. But then i get 2 items and turn the game and win. this has been happening for 5 or 6 games but i always win in the end. I need some advice on how to lane with storm and improve my laning, specially till i get my level 6. How to lane against a tinker who is maxing laser and beams or how to lane against a qop who is so high on damage. I feel i am always losing my lane.

    6. You should try tread switching before casting spells. You may fuck up a few times when you start doing it, but trust me it's worth it.

    7. Meric is one of the best youtubers i have ever watched. Entertaining videos and good personality. Thanks Meric

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